MammoMARK® & CorMARK®


Rapid expansion anchors the marker in place for unsurpassed placement accuracy.1


MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Biopsy Site Identifiers

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers expand rapidly to reduce movement after breast compression during mammography

Expands Rapidly

The size increases by 300% within 60 seconds, reducing the likelihood of movement when releasing breast compression.1

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers are visible under ultrasound at time of deployment

Provides Clear Ultrasound Visibility

Increased surface area provides ease of ultrasound visibility at time of deployment.2

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers help with accurate placement under ultrasound

Enables Precise Placement

The MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers help with accurate placement in the biopsy cavity.2

Hydrated and Unhydrated MammoMARK® & CorMARK® marker carrier

Absorbs Fluid Quickly

The MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers assist in fluid management by quickly absorbing surrounding fluid.1

Three distinct shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites

“The most significant advantage we found with the MammoMARK® is the

ability to consistently localize [it] using sonography.”

Krakos et al. Advantages of Using the New MammoMark Percutaneous Breast Biopsy Marker – a Large Center Experience.

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Flexible Applicator

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What is the difference between the MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers?

The applicators are the only difference between the two markers. The CorMARK® markers are the direct puncture applicators and the MammoMARK® markers encompass all others.

What are the MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers composed of?

The MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers are composed of bovine collagen and titanium.

Do the MammoMARK® & CorMARK® markers contain any nickel?

No, the markers do not contain any nickel.

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Marker

HydroMARK Breast Biopsy Site Marker

Enduring exclusive hydrogel technology provides long-term ultrasound visibility in percutaneous breast biopsy procedures, including axillary lymph nodes.3


HydroMARK™ Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker

HydroMARK Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker

Same great benefits of the original HydroMARK™ markers, with added features designed to alleviate displacement, enhance visibility and ease of locating.4,5,6


MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

The all-natural biopsy marker provides a non-metal marking alternative with a long-lasting beta glucan carrier for unique patient sensitivities.


LumiMARK Biopsy Site Marker

Three multifaceted nitinol shapes designed for easy identification from any angle.7


BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

All-natural design in a small size, ideal for superficial lesions.


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