Three multifaceted nitinol shapes designed for easy identification from any angle.1


3D Shapes Distinct From Every Angle

Ultrasound Visibility

These self-expanding markers deliver great ultrasound visibility by appearing hyperechoic both immediately and permanently.1

Options with Purpose

The 5mm TulipTM clip may be selected for use cases needing a smaller marker. The 10mm RoseTM clip is designed for effortless locating under ultrasound.2

Three Biopsy Site Markers

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Ease of Deployment During Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

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What are the LumiMARK™ markers composed of?

The LumiMARK™ markers are composed of nitinol with no resorbing carrier. The nitinol (grade S) metal is comprised of nickel, titanium, and other minor constituents.

Do the LumiMARK™ markers contain nickel?

The LumiMARK™ markers do contain nickel. Do not use on patients with known nickel allergies.

Why are the LumiMARK™ markers made of nitinol?

Nitinol is a metal alloy that offers shape memory allowing the distinctive markers to be compressed and take full shape upon deployment.

What size are the LumiMARK™ markers?

The TulipTM clip is 5mm (.20”) x 5mm (.20”).

The LotusTM clip is 7mm (.27”) x 4mm (.16”).

The RoseTM clip is 10mm (.39”) x 5mm (.20”).

Can you use the LumiMARK™ markers in lymph nodes?

The LumiMARK™ Biopsy Site Marker is indicated to mark tissue associated with a percutaneous breast biopsy procedure, including axillary lymph nodes, and be permanently visible under ultrasound, X-ray and MRI.

Are the LumiMARK™ markers MR safe?

The applicator with metal cannula is not safe for the MR environment. These markers are MR conditional, meaning a patient can be safely scanned in an MRI system meeting the criteria set in the IFU.

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Marker

HydroMARK Breast Biopsy Site Marker

Enduring exclusive hydrogel technology provides long-term ultrasound visibility in percutaneous breast biopsy procedures, including axillary lymph nodes.3


HydroMARK™ Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker

HydroMARK Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker

Same great benefits of the original HydroMARK™ markers, with added features designed to alleviate displacement, enhance visibility and ease of locating.4,5,6


MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Biopsy Site Identifier

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Biopsy Site Identifier

Rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker within the biopsy cavity reducing the likelihood of movement.7


MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

The all-natural biopsy marker provides a non-metal marking alternative with a long-lasting beta glucan carrier for unique patient sensitivities.


BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

All-natural design in a small size, ideal for superficial lesions.


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