HydroMARK™ Plus


Same great benefits of the original HydroMARK™ markers, with added features designed to alleviate displacement, enhance visibility, and ease of locating.1, 2, 3


HydroMARK™ Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker

The HydroMARK™ Plus marker has wings that attach to the tissue

Attachment to Tissue

“Wings” are designed to anchor to the tissue to mitigate displacement during surgical excision.2

Illustration of distinct dragonfly shape of HydroMARK™ Plus marker

Enhanced Distinguishability

The Dragonfly™ clip is distinct and discernably man-made to breast anatomy.

HydroMARK™ Plus marker under ultrasound 24 hours post-deployment

Ease of Locating

A portion of the clip is outside of the hydrogel offering additional echogenicity.

HydroMARK™ Plus marker on MRI 24 hours after deployment

Minimal Artifact

Artifact is 1 x 1mm under Spin Echo and 3 x 3mm under Gradient Echo.4

Unique shape with "wings" designed to attach to breast tissue

See the HydroMARK™ Plus Marker in Action
Watch the animation of HydroMARK™ Plus marker in action
Ease of Deployment During Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies
Watch physicians practice deploying the HydroMARK™ Plus marker under ultrasound

“I am excited for this innovative biopsy marker to come to market. After seeing the tabletop test on the HydroMARK™ Plus Breast Biopsy Site Marker, I look forward to having a solution that addresses the need for a nickel-free, long-term, ultrasound visible clip that will not displace for the surgeons.”

Dr. Evita Singh

Director of Breast Imaging, Karmanos Cancer Institute

HydroMARK™ Plus marker Applicator

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What is the composition of the hydrogel?

The hydrogel is composed of polyethylene glycol (PEG).

Does the HydroMARK™ Plus marker contain nickel?

The HydroMARK™ Plus titanium marker contains no nickel.

What is the duration of the HydroMARK™ Plus marker’s enhanced long-term visibility?

Studies have shown that visibility can last up to 12 months in some patients.5

Can you use the HydroMARK™ Plus markers in lymph nodes?

The HydroMARK™ direct puncture applicators are indicated to mark tissue during a percutaneous breast biopsy procedure, including axillary lymph nodes.6

What size is the HydroMARK™ Plus Dragonfly™ clip?

The Dragonfly™ clip is 6.35mm (0.25”) x 5.08mm (0.2”) not including the hydrogel component.

How much of the marker extends outside of the hydrogel?

The bare portion of the marker outside of the hydrogel may vary in length depending on hydration, up to 3mm (0.12”).

HydroMARK™ Breast Biopsy Site Marker

HydroMARK Breast Biopsy Site Marker

Enduring exclusive hydrogel technology provides long-term ultrasound visibility in percutaneous breast biopsy procedures, including axillary lymph nodes.6


MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Marker

The all-natural biopsy marker provides a non-metal marking alternative with a long-lasting beta glucan carrier for unique patient sensitivities.


MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Biopsy Site Identifier

MammoMARK® & CorMARK® Biopsy Site Identifier

Rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker within the biopsy cavity reducing the likelihood of movement.7


LumiMARK Biopsy Site Marker

Three multifaceted nitinol shapes designed for easy identification from any angle.8


BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

BiomarC® Biopsy Site Marker

All-natural design in a small size, ideal for superficial lesions.


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