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Breast Biopsy Markers


The BiomarC’s carbon coated ceramic enable multi-modality visibility and the small size
provides you with the accurate placement you desire.

BiomarC under Ultasound

The all-natural, non-metal BiomarC breast biopsy marker provides many unique clinical benefits.

  • Delivers enhanced permanent ultrasound visibility versus like-sized markers due to the proprietary Pyrolytic Carbon Coating.5
  • Offers a nickel-free alternative, making it a great option for all patients, even the 10-20% of the general population with nickel sensitivity.4
  • Features a non-ferromagnetic composition that leads to less blooming artifact which can interfere with interpretation of MR images.3

BiomarC’s natural, non-metal composition

Composed of a Zirconium-Oxide for strength and unique imaging characteristics with a Pyrolytic Carbon coating, BiomarC marker is the natural choice for your patients.

BiomarC Natural Non-Metal Composition


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Two Distinct Shapes for Visibility

BiomarC marker offers two distinct carbon coated ceramic shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites.

BiomarC Petite Barbell 1x3mmPetite Barbell 1x3mm

BiomarC Barbell 2x4mm

Barbell 2x4mm

BiomarC Tribell 1x5mm

Tribell 1x5mm

What People Are Saying

“BiomarC…Demonstrated a statistically significant advantage in visibility over…UltraClip II MR,
UltraClip II PVA, and CeleroMark…” – AJUM Nov. 2012 15 (4)

2012_SEOW_AJUM_Sono visibility of breast tissue markers.
AJUM Nov. 2012 15 (4)

Breast Biopsy Markers



The exclusive hydrogel technology provides unmatched long-term ultrasound visibility.

MammoMARK and CorMARK


The rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker within the biopsy cavity reducing the likelihood of movement.



The all-natural tissue marker provides an essential, non-metal marking option.

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