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Magnetic Detection Platform

Wire-free. Radiation-free.

Sentimag Platform

The Sentimag magnetic platform uses a highly sensitive reusable console and probe to accurately pinpoint proprietary magnetic seeds and magnetic tracers.

These novel technologies are creating more possibilities for surgeons to perform breast conservation procedures.

Sentimag Platform

Globally, more than 30,000 magnetic lesion localization and magnetic sentinel lymph node biopsy procedures have been performed.


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This platform is the first and only to enable radiation-free lesion localization and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Magseed Marker

Magseed Marker

Magseed is a small magnetic seed that becomes detectable when it’s temporarily magnetized by the Sentimag probe.


Magtrace Liquid Marker

Magtrace is a magnetic tracer that’s optimized to accurately identify sentinel lymph nodes with the use of the Sentimag probe.

*Magtrace liquid marker is distributed by Leica Biosystems in Canada and is not currently approved for sale in the United States.

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