Tru-Core II™Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Combining small design and powerful performance in an easy-to-use, spring-loaded core needle.

Engineered for size, speed, and simplicity

Lightweight Design

Compact handle enables seamless control. Unique ergonomic design accommodates different biopsy techniques.

Powerful Lesion Penetration

Rapid 22mm throw fires more than 25% faster than a BD Max-Core™ or Monopty™ instrument1,2

Accurate and Precise

Enhanced echogenic coating on needle tip provides improved visibility to help confirm placement of sample notch for precise ultrasound positioning.

Enhanced Procedural Efficiency

Durable skin stop reliably controls forward migration. Compatible with an optional co-axial introducer, providing increased efficiency.

1. Data on file. Firing speed in air measured as a function of outer cutter displacement and time.
2. Compared to 14 gauge BD Max-Core™ and Monopty™ instruments

Automatic Biopsy Instrument

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse the Tru-Core™ II instrument?

The Tru-Core™ II instrument is for single use only. Please do not attempt to clean or sterilize the Tru-Core™ II instrument for additional biopsy procedures.

Where can I get more information on the Tru-Core™ II instrument?

The Tru-Core™ II product brochure includes technical specifications and ordering information.

Is it possible to bundle a Tru-Core™  II instrument with a Mammotome® marker?

Yes, we do offer bundles for Tru-Core™ II and Mammotome® markers. Please work with your Mammotome representative to order.

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