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Gamma Detection System

Offers exceptional accuracy, effortless operation and advanced clinical capability.

The Neoprobe GDS is used by 9 of the top 10 Cancer Centers in the U.S.

Source: US News & World Report’s Top Ranked Hospitals in Cancer, 2014-15

Exceptional Accuracy

Neoprobe’s bluetooth probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localization of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures.

Effortless Operation

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System is one of the easiest-to-use devices on the market, leaving the surgeon free to focus on the patient and procedure. Neoprobe GDS provides quick, easy startup with no calibration, no preventative maintenance, and one-touch remote count functionality from within the sterile field.

Clinical Advantages

Neoprobe’s Bluetooth capability also provides advanced data to the surgeon when both Tc-99 and I-125 have been administered simultaneously. The Neoprobe GDS will provide individual counts for each isotope as well as a filter indicating whether the user is closer to the injection site or a radio seed, all in real time.

Neoprobe Console and Probes

Complete System

Neoprobe GDS is the most comprehensive gamma detection suite available to operating rooms today. From Neoprobe-exclusive features to rapid and convenient service and full-time customer support, no other device delivers the combined value or customer experience of the Neoprobe GDS.

See How It Works

Neoprobe Basic Setup and FAQs

Neoprobe In-Service for Physicians

Neoprobe In-Service for Technicians

What People Are Saying

“Neoprobe GDS decreases operating room time, is very reliable, and requires less need for service.” – Ian Grady, MD

Ian Grady, MD, North Valley Breast Clinic
TVID: 828-09C-969


Easy to Use, Hard to Beat

Discover the difference with the Neoprobe Gamma Detection System.

Neoprobe Cart and Console


The Neoprobe GDS console can be tailored to the specific clinical needs of each procedure. It can detect any of six isotopes, can be configured to detect localized or systemic injections, and can detect and filter I-125 and Tc-99 simultaneously.


The Neoprobe GDS is the only gamma system in the US to provide surgeons with remote functionality from within the sterile field. Target counts and 10-second counts can both be performed remotely from any of our four Bluetooth probes, keeping control in the hands of the surgeon.


The Neoprobe GDS system offers six probes. From an internally collimated 9mm small incision probe and a Laparoscopic probe for trocar use, to standard 14mm straight and angled probes and a high energy PET probe, Neoprobe GDS can fully support all intraoperative gamma needs.

Experience the Versatility

Neoprobe’s sterilizeable bluetooth gamma probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localization of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures.

Neoprobe 14mm Bluetooth Wireless Probe

14mm Bluetooth Wireless Probes

  • 50% more sensitive than 14mm corded probe
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Angled and straight configurations
  • Increased battery life

9mm Bluetooth Wireless Probe

9mm Bluetooth Wireless Probe

  • Designed for procedures where incision size is critical
  • 9mm, internally collimated tip
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology

Neoprobe 11mm Bluetooth Laparoscopic Probe

11mm Bluetooth Laparoscopic Probe

  • Orthogonal (90°) field of view for improved lesion access
  • 11mm tip diameter for 11mm and 12mm trocar compatibility
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology

Neoprobe High Energy F-18 Probe

High Energy F-18 Probe

  • Capable of detectincg high-energy photons typically emitted from PET positive lesions
  • Detects Fluorine-18, called 18F-FDG, and other high-energy radionuclides
  • Includes an option to use binary pitch in FDG isotope procedures
  • Sophisticated shielding enhances 511 KeV directionality
  • Specific F-18 window built into the control console

Neoprobe 14mm Corded Probe

14mm Corded Probe

  • Standard all-purpose 14mm corded probe
  • 120 degree uncollimated Field of View

Neoprobe Cart

Neoprobe Cart

  • Custom built for the Neoprobe system and probes
  • Modern design and convenient storage and protection for your probes
  • Medical grade, smooth and durable wheels with individually locking castors

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