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Mammotome revolve U/S Biopsy Device

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy System

Providing efficiency and clinical confidence throughout the procedure and onto pathology.

mammotome revolve holster

Redefining procedural efficiency without compromising tissue quality

  • 8G and 10G needle options
  • Advanced needle technology offers lowest force to penetrate for ease of insertion
  • Only tethered vacuum-assisted breast biopsy systems with DualVac vacuum technology
  • Ergonomic and robust design enables reliable sampling while providing comfort to the clinician

What People Are Saying

“My first choice for ultrasound biopsy cases is always Mammotome revolve. It is very easy to use, it is faster than using a standard single fire biopsy needle, the specimen is contained, and we get excellent well-formed samples. I like that I can see the needle and the bowl the entire time with excellent visibility. If additional anesthetic is needed during the procedure, I can add it directly to the site, without removing the needle. Additionally, clip placement is precise in the biopsy cavity under direct visualization.” – Dr. Nicole Nelson

Dr. Nicole Nelson
Medical Director – Radiology Department
St. Rita’s Medical Center


Acquiring The Best Quality Tissue

Mammotome revolve biopsy device for ultrasound-guided biopsy is designed to empower clinical decision-making,
increase procedural efficiency, and provide optimized sample reliability.

Mammotome revolve Control Module

Patient and Physician Comfort

  • Instant SteadyVac to minimize hematoma
  • On-board undiluted fluid delivery for patient comfort
  • Comfortable and ergonomic control; real-time clinician feedback

Uncompromised Confirmation

  • Eliminates tissue handling from collection to pathology
  • Complete and informed picture to pathology for efficient diagnosis

Efficient Positioning, Targeting and Access

  • Easier patient positioning with greatest access to posterior chest wall lesions
  • Accurate placement and minimized tissue deflection

Fastest Sampling with Untouched Quality Cores

  • Faster biopsy with untouched high quality Mammotome cores
  • Known individual core acquisition and location throughout procedure

Mammotome revolve for Ultrasound

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