Mammotome Revolve™ ST


Providing efficiency and clinical confidence throughout the procedure and on to pathology.


Acquiring High Quality Tissue

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Improve Biopsy Workflow

Advanced tissue management system automatically collects and organizes specimens in touch-free chambers for instant verification. Smart integration with the Mammotome Confirm™ core specimen radiography system allows efficient utilization of your biopsy suite.

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Dependable Contiguous Tissue

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST biopsy system utilizes dual vacuum technology to quickly acquire large intact tissue for a complete and informed picture to pathology.

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Efficient Access

User-controlled variable aperture allows instant adjustment to confidently access challenging lesions, without changing the needle.

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Compatible With Your Biopsy Suite

Optimized needle and holster design is compatible with all leading biopsy-capable stereotactic and tomosynthesis units.

Customer Driven, Patient Inspired

Rethink Stereo Biopsy Efficiency
Watch the video to hear from experts how the Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy System can help you Rethink Stereo Biopsy Efficiency
Rethink Stereo Tissue Acquisition
Watch the video to learn how the Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy System helps clinicians Rethink Stereo Tissue Acquisition
Rethink Stereo Specimen Imaging
Watch the video to learn how the Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy System helps clinicians Rethink Stereo Specimen Imaging
See the Mammotome Revolve™ biopsy device in action
Watch the video to see the Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy System in Action
Maximizing Your Efficiency in the Stereo Suite
Watch the video to learn from experts how the Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy System can Maximize Efficiency in the Stereo Suite

“The Mammotome Revolve™ is a breeze to operate for both the technologist and the physicians. Excellent choice for any mammography department.”

K. Kari Longnecker, RT(R)(M)

Baptist Health Floyd

Mammotome Revolve™ ST Biopsy Device

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What is dual vacuum-assisted technology?

Dual vacuum-assisted technology acquires the desired tissue volume in fewer passes through lateral and axial vacuum power to hold and secure tissue within the aperture.

Am I able to see the tissue specimens I collect with the Mammotome Revolve™ biopsy system?

Yes, tissue samples are immediately visible to allow for real-time sampling adjustment.

In what gauges sizes are the Mammotome Revolve™ ST probes available?

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST probes are available in both 8g and 10g. Both gauges come in 9cm, 12cm and 15cm lengths.

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST biopsy device is compatible with which mammography / stereotactic units?

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST biopsy device is compatible with the most commonly used mammography systems including; GE, Siemens, Hologic, Fuji and others. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Mammotome® Markers

Offering clinicians the most comprehensive portfolio available, providing a customized solution for every breast biopsy need.


Mammotome Revolve™ Ultrasound Biopsy Device

Mammotome Revolve™ U/S

The Mammotome Revolve™ U/S biopsy device offers a tethered VABB system with dual vacuum-assisted technology for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy procedures.


Mammotome Confirm™ Core Specimen Radiography System

Mammotome Confirm™

Verify the presence of microcalcifications during stereotactic biopsies quickly and easily.


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