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Magnetic Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

The future of cancer staging.

Magtrace Liquid Marker – Now FDA Approved

Magtrace is a magnetic tracer that is engineered to be uniform and small enough for rapid migration, yet large enough to be mechanically filtered by the sentinel lymph nodes.

Using a highly sensitive Sentimag probe, the surgeon can detect very small quantities of Magtrace in the sentinel lymph nodes. The tracer is also dark in color which offers the surgeon a visual confirmation and helps eliminate the need for blue dyes.

*Magtrace liquid maker is distributed by Mammotome in the United States and Canada.

*Magtrace is currently FDA approved for mastectomy procedures.


Key Advantages for Clinicians

  • Made of non-radioactive materials
  • Delivers ultrasensitive detection and intuitive location of sentinel lymph nodes
  • Puts patient schedules under your control
  • Magtrace is safe, easy to transport and has a long shelf life


The Future of Cancer Staging

A new technique in sentinel lymph node biopsy has arrived.

Magtrace Liquid Marker

Magtrace is a dark brown suspension of organically coated iron oxide particles. It is injected subcutaneously where the natural physical action of the lymphatic system filters out the particles, enabling sentinel nodes to be located using the Sentimag magnetic detection platform.

  • Optimized – Particle size is optimized for filtration and retention by sentinel lymph nodes.
  • Easy to use – Simple to store and handle, which means it significantly improves workflow compared with radioactive tracers.
  • Flexible – Magtrace liquid marker can be injected up to seven days ahead of sentinel node biopsy.
  • Fast – Localization can start just 20 minutes after injection.*

*Migration time can increase with patient age, weight or breast size.


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