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Magnetic Lesion Localization

Simplify Treatment. Improve Patient Experience. Support Better Outcomes.

Simple to Place

The Magseed marker is a small radiation-free seed that is easily placed by the radiologist in soft tissue with no restrictions on implantation time.*

*The Magseed marker is cleared for long-term placement in the United States and <30 days in Canada.

Easy to Find

On the day of surgery, the patient can go directly to the operating room, without delaying the start of the procedure.  The surgeon then uses the Sentimag platform to confidently localize the Magseed marker.

Magseed Marker

See How It Works

Magseed – Overview

Sensing Tech: Sentimag Probe Sensing Technique Pinpointing Demo

Live Surgery: Pinpointing Transcutaneous Detection to Target Incision Site

What People Are Saying

“Overall, we found that Magseed tackles most of the technical, logistical, and potential safety issues associated with wire localization, radioactive seeds, and radar localization. We believe that this is the best technology for our patients and our facility. Once patients become aware that this technology is available to them, we’re certain that Ochsner Health System will be their preferred treatment provider” – Dr. Dana Smetherman

Dr. Dana Smetherman, Section Head,
Breast Imaging, Ochsner Health System


Wire-Free. Radiation-Free

A new technique in lesion localization has arrived.

Magseed Marker

Can your lesion localization technique offer all of this?

  • Simple to Place – Smaller than a grain of rice and highly visible under ultrasound and other imaging modalities. Deployed using a simple applicator used in over hundreds of thousands of localization procedures.
  • Easy to Find – Seed can be detected from any approach and offers guidance on distance to the lesion. Also a robust stainless steel seed construction cannot malfunction.
  • Improved Patient Experience – With flexibility to place on a separate day from surgery and no protruding parts to influence migration, the Magseed marker is more convenient and less invasive.

Ultrasound Visibility¹

Magseed marker has a woven structure that is designed to promote tissue in-growth during implantation and has the added benefit of making it very visible under ultrasound.

X-Ray Visibility²

Magseed marker can also be placed under mammography, stereo and tomo guidance, and once in place, a simple post-placement mammogram can confirm the seed is in the right location.


1,2 (2018) Magseed and HydroMARK 18G markers (note: the HydroMARK was placed 5 months prior to taking the Ultrasound image); Images provided by Robin Shermis, MD, MPH, FACR – Medical Director of ProMedica Breast Care

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