What Makes Mammotome a Top Workplace

Mammotome was recently named a Top Workplace in Cincinnati by the Enquirer Media Top Workplaces. We also received national recognition in the Innovation, Work-Life Flexibility, Compensation and Benefits, and Manufacturing Industry categories. Mammotome associates drive our company’s success and are the reason we are nationally recognized. Read on to learn more about what makes Mammotome unique in these categories.


At Mammotome, our expertise and compassion for breast care makes us an indispensable partner to physicians, clinicians and patients. We channel our knowledge and compassion by investing in innovations that have a meaningful impact in the breast care space.

Innovation is a cross-functional process at Mammotome that starts with our Strategic Marketing Team, who identify trends and unmet user needs within the marketplace by engaging clinicians and key stakeholders. From there, our Engineering team ideates on identified categories and holds brainstorming sessions. The Engineering and Marketing teams work together to develop solutions for unmet needs and influence future product design/development while validating customer requirements in parallel.

With recent investments and the expansion of our dedicated innovation team at Mammotome, “the focus on innovation has become increasingly apparent over the last few years...” shares Jack Randall, Senior Project Manager. “Our goal as an organization is to deliver top quality products that enable our customers to focus less on the complexity of the procedure and more on patients and diagnosis.” Sailesh Tangirala, Director, Strategic Marketing and Business Development shares that the team looks “forward to driving solutions and ideas that solve key customer challenges. We are excited to drive our innovation pipeline and continue to differentiate Mammotome in the marketplace.”

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Work-Life Flexibility

At Mammotome, our approach to providing flexibility and work-life balance is supported by valuing output, not by who works the most hours. Mammotome associates make decisions about how best to accomplish the work, while balancing business needs and individual working preferences. Associates are rewarded for their performance, including what they achieve and the behaviors they demonstrate.

This flexibility is appreciated by our associates as shared below.

Rhonda Kops, Senior Manager, Quality Compliance, feels grateful for the Work-Life Flexibility at Mammotome. When living in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Mammotome is headquartered, Rhonda did not have family nearby, making things difficult when her husband developed life-changing health issues. The decision wasn’t easy, but she and her husband moved back to her home state of Wisconsin, to be closer to family. Rhonda discussed the situation with her manager and given the nature of her work she was able to become a remote associate. As Rhonda shares, “[this change] provides me with the flexibility to balance my work and home schedule when I need to go to an appointment, be available when my husband needs assistance, or simply take better care of myself.”

Jodi Hafemeister, Director, Physician Relations and Professional Education has leaned into the work-life flexibility at Mammotome to prioritize her health and wellness. She recently joined a new workout group that meets in the mornings, and to accommodate the class in her schedule, she has flexed her hours and encourages her team to do the same.

For Katie Dodd, Director of Global Marketing, some days require early morning and/or late evening meetings due to the nature of her global role, on top of her typical workday to accommodate international time differences. In addition, projects can go through natural ebbs and flows of intensity and commitment. Katie shares, “I'm given not only the policy to flex my time but, most importantly, the encouragement to do so. We truly have a culture that embraces flexibility while prioritizing quality work.” Furthermore, for Katie, an unexpected benefit of the hybrid environment is that she can connect with Mammotome global partners more effectively than ever, leveraging technology and virtual meeting tools, as well as having more flexibility with their standard day to make space for off-hour meetings.

The culture of Mammotome supports associates to achieve their very best in both their personal and professional “roles.” Jodi is the mother of young twins and shares that the work-life flexibility Mammotome has provided her is “unbelievable.” Over the years, she’s been able “...to show up 100% as a mom while also putting 100% into [her] career.” With young children, Jodi has found that schedule changes are expected. “From school time to summertime, sports change from season to season, and I always want to be the one at their doctor or dentist appointment. I haven’t had to miss any of it.” At the same time, Jodi’s career is very important to her, and she attributes her success in her field to being in charge of her own calendar.

In the past ten-plus years that Katie has been with Mammotome, she has “seen a very positive evolution of work-life flexibility.” Most notably, when Katie’s first child was born six years ago, she “was so thankful for the basics – maternity leave, support in [her] transition back [to work], a mother’s room to enable [her] to pump, etc.” She also recalls the heightened daily stress of a working parent - timing daycare drop-offs and pickups, rush hour commutes, appointments and inevitable sickness, often barely making it home for her son’s bath and bedtime routine. It was during the pandemic that Katie welcomed her second child. “Mammotome navigated that unprecedented phase with high attention on work-life balance,” said Katie. “We’ve emerged post-pandemic with more hybrid-based and remote roles, with sincere prioritization of work-life integration. The Mammotome culture evolved by listening to associates, including working parents. Fast forward to today, I have a career that is still incredibly important to me, but with less stress (even with a toddler) and more job satisfaction.”

Katie sums it up best. “At Mammotome, I feel empowered to integrate work and life efficiently and productively, honoring what works best both for my team at work and life at home.”

Compensation & Benefits

Lastly, Mammotome was recognized nationally for our Compensation & Benefits offerings. Our benefits package is available through our parent company, Danaher Corporation, and provides comprehensive offerings to support our associates and their family’s health and well-being. Our associates have access to a wide range of resources designed to help them perform their best at work by assisting them to achieve their best in life—physically, financially and emotionally.

Mammotome recognizes that benefits are an essential component of our associates’ overall experience. We strive to offer competitive compensation, development and career opportunities along with a benefits package that our associates highly value. In addition to medical, dental and vision benefits, Mammotome offers many benefits to help support associates at all stages of their lives including: family planning resources, adoption assistance, maternity support, paid parental leave, a scholarship program, legal assistance plan, pet insurance, tuition reimbursement, back up child/elder care, a well-being program, resiliency and mindfulness resources, financial planning, counseling and support, virtual physical care, and more!

Joining Mammotome means becoming a part of the greater Danaher team. As a Mammotome associate, you are considered internal talent for openings at any of the over 20 Danaher OpCos. Also, Mammotome associates are encouraged to grow their careers and participate in available training and development opportunities to support continuous improvement.

Ultimately, Mammotome associates are driven by a shared purpose, driving innovative technologies that create efficiencies, while never forgetting that at the heart of every breast care journey is a patient. This commitment to advancing breast care results in high engagement by associates and a desire to achieve high-performance results. Our dedication to innovation combined with our strong benefit package, career development opportunities and work-life flexibility create an internal culture where associates want to show up and perform their best every day.

Join us and make a difference in the lives of breast care patients globally.

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