Your Pathology Report

The tissue samples removed during your breast biopsy will be sent to a pathologist. A pathologist is a doctor who studies the tissue under a microscope and presents the findings, including a diagnosis, in a pathology report.

The pathologist performs special testing to create a “profile” of your unique tissue and how it will react to treatment if needed. Your pathology report will be sent to the ordering physician who will discuss your results with you. You can request a copy of your pathology report, but you may want to wait until all testing has concluded in order to have the complete picture. Some tests may take up to one or two weeks.

Because your tissue is kept preserved on slides in a laboratory for a long time, additional testing may be performed in the future if needed. If you decide to seek a second opinion, your tissue can be sent to another facility. Your doctor will receive a report any time your tissue sample is tested.