Mammotome Breast Biopsy Devices

A breast biopsy using a Mammotome vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device can help a doctor make a highly accurate breast cancer diagnosis without the need for open breast biopsy surgery.

Through the use of computer imaging (x-ray, ultrasound or MRI), a breast abnormality can be clearly identified and mapped, even in its earliest stages. Digital imaging enables a physician to guide the Mammotome probe into the breast to gently collect tissue samples through one small ¼-inch incision.

With a Mammotome biopsy device, a breast biopsy can be performed in an outpatient setting or a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. A doctor can make a precise analysis with minimal pain, scarring and recovery time for the patient. The entire procedure generally takes less than an hour, and the patient can return to her normal daily activity immediately afterward.

What You Should Know

The Mammotome Breast Biopsy System has been used in over 10 million procedures worldwide. It is minimally invasive and causes little discomfort. Yet, the Mammotome breast biopsy devices are highly accurate in helping your doctor diagnose a variety of breast abnormalities, from those you can feel (palpable lesions) to those you cannot feel (non-palpable lesions).

Diagnoses of samples obtained with a Mammotome breast biopsy device are highly reliable, but unlike an open surgical biopsy, the Mammotome breast biopsy device lets you have your biopsy in a procedure room or doctor’s office rather than an operating room. Also your incision will be so small that it will not require stitches.


A breast biopsy using a Mammotome breast biopsy device can help a doctor make a highly accurate diagnosis of a breast abnormality without the need for open surgery. The devices can also be used for a non-cancerous breast lump such as a fibroadenoma. A lump may be reduced in size at the same time it is biopsied, often to the point where the lump may no longer be seen under ultrasound or felt during self-examination.