If It’s Breast Cancer

When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, they are faced with a mountain of information and have to make a lot of choices. Feeling overwhelmed, angry, and afraid are completely normal.

It can be helpful to build a supportive network of family, friends and healthcare providers to help you navigate this complex diagnosis. Bring a friend or family member to appointments for moral support and to help remember important details.

If caught and treated early, your chances of surviving breast cancer are very good. Millions of breast cancer survivors can attest to this. This doesn’t mean that a battle with breast cancer will be easy. Breast cancer can be life threatening, and dealing with it is often physically, mentally and emotionally draining. But by leaning on your support group and understanding your breast cancer treatment options, you will find the confidence to face breast cancer head on.

Tips for those who want to help

A cancer diagnosis brings many questions and concerns for both the patient and their caregivers. There are many local and national resources that provide information and support. Your healthcare team is a great resource as well, and they can help point you in the right direction for your individual needs.

Here are several organizations you may find helpful: