Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a biopsy using a Mammotome™ breast biopsy device accurate?
Yes, a vacuum-assisted biopsy procedure with a Mammotome biopsy device is highly accurate in helping your doctor diagnose various breast abnormalities. Physicians have performed over 10 million breast procedures using the Mammotome Breast Biopsy System since its introduction in 1995.
How large will the skin incision in my breast be with a Mammotome biopsy device?
A Mammotome probe is inserted into the breast through a ¼ inch incision. The incision does not require stitches, just a small adhesive bandage.
Will I have a scar from the vacuum-assisted biopsy procedure?
A Mammotome breast biopsy device will minimize scarring. With an open surgical procedure, there is a possibility of scarring and disfigurement.
Will I be conscious during the procedure?
Yes, the Mammotome breast biopsy devices require only local anesthesia.
Will I have to be hospitalized?
No, it is an outpatient procedure.
ll I be able to feel the biopsy site identifier/tissue marker?
No, the biopsy site identifier, designed to permanently mark the biopsy site, is very small. You will not feel it once it is in place.