Mammotome wants to help you promote the important steps your breast center is taking to improve care in your community.

Whether you are looking to help educate women about breast health and their upcoming breast care procedure or would like to highlight the latest innovative technologies your facility adopted, we have the tools and resources to help you get started.

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Media Kit Resources For Hospitals


The Mammotome image library includes images and logos of our products, including products we manufacture and distribute, as well as the Mammotome company logo.

Mammotome Logo

Mammotome Logo

Product Images

Sentimag® Magseed® Magtrace®

Mammotome® Elite Mammotome Revolve™ Mammotome Confirm™

Mammotome Markers

HydroMARK™ MammoSTAR® MammoMARK®


The following “boilerplates” can be used when drafting press releases or other content about Mammotome or any of the products listed below.


Mammotome Boilerplate

Endomag Boilerplate (For use with Sentimag®, Magseed® and Magtrace® products only)

Sentimag®, Magseed®, Magtrace® Boilerplates


Press releases are a great way to promote the new technology at your facility and to help spotlight the advancements made for breast cancer patients. You can utilize the press release templates to help with verbiage or quotes when drafting a press release for your hospital.


More press release templates coming soon!

Magseed® Marker Press Release Template

Magtrace® Press Release Template


The product fact sheets provide an overview of the product and how it is used, as well as overall benefits of the product and benefits specific to the patient experience. These fact sheets can help when drafting promotional content about the product.


Magseed® Marker Product Fact Sheet

Magtrace® Product Fact Sheet

Mammotome Confirm™ Product Fact Sheet

Mammotome Revolve™ Product Fact Sheet

Mammotome® Elite Product Fact Sheet


Mammotome offers a wide variety of social media templates that can be used to help promote your breast care services. These include posts that educate women on the importance of annual mammogram screenings, as well as posts that highlight the patient benefits of your new technology


Breast Cancer Risk Social Media Post

Breast Self Exam Social Media Post

Schedule Mammogram Social Media Post

Mammotome Elite® Social Media Post

Mammotome Revolve™ and Mammotome Confirm™ Social Media Post

Magseed® Marker Social Media Post

Magtrace® Social Media Post

Magseed® & Magtrace® Social Media Post (For those facilities offering both technologies)


Patient education brochures can be used to help educate and inform patients about their upcoming breast care procedure. Mammotome offers several patient education brochure options. Your local Mammotome breast care representative can provide printed versions (non-personalized) of the brochure for use in your facility. You can also download the brochure templates below, personalize the files with your hospital logo and information, and use them digitally or have the materials printed locally.

A Breast Biopsy Using a Mammotome Biopsy System

Personalized PDF Personalized Trifold

Breast Biopsy Tissue Markers: What You Need to Know

Personalized PDF Personalized Trifold

Breast Conservation Surgery with Magseed

Personalized PDF Personalized Trifold

Radiation-Free Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy with Magtrace

Personalized PDF Personalized Trifold


Mammotome is partnering with breast health experts to deliver a series of on-demand, patient-focused Webinars providing education to women around the country. We invite you to share these patient-focused educational opportunities in your local community.

Episode 1: Due for a Mammogram During COVID? What You Should Know

Episode 2: What’s Your Breast Cancer Risk? What to Know About Genetic Breast Cancer

Episode 3: Second Look Mammogarms – What to Expect When You’re Called Back

Episode 4: Your Breast Biopsy – What you can Expect

Episode 5: Preparing for Your Breast Cancer Surgery: Wire and Wire-free Localization

Episode 6: Advances in Breast Cancer Surgery – Tailoring Treatment for You