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At Mammotome, we believe that together we “win as a team.” Through empowering diverse perspectives, cross-collaborating to build knowledge and skills, and cultivating inclusion, belonging and well-being, we can build a strong team. Continue reading to hear from our associates how this mindset shapes our success at Mammotome.

First off, Staci O’Keefe, Senior Regional Sales Manager, shares how the Mammotome sales organization works together.

Staci has been a driving force on the Mammotome biopsy sales team for almost a decade. To Staci, ‘“win as a team’ means leveraging the strengths within the team and firing on all cylinders. Taking those strengths and applying them to areas where there may be weaknesses, by collaborating and utilizing resources to meet our common goal. It’s finding out who or what works best and trying to make that repeatable across the organization.”’

The Mammotome Sales team works together to support each other and the company’s organizational goals by sharing best practices and discussing how to overcome obstacles to help everyone win. They do this within their regional teams but also within the entire sales organization. “We continuously share insights so that we can capitalize on opportunities to get Mammotome products into the field."

Staci also explains how integrated the sales team is with the rest of the Mammotome organization. "Sales can’t sell alone. We work hand in hand with other departments such as Marketing, Sales Operations, Customer Service and Supply Chain. With Marketing, we are helping the team develop and launch new products, share feedback from the field, and drive Mammotome initiatives within our accounts. On the other hand, we receive a ton of data and insight from Sales Operations that helps to help drive our decisions. We also work with Customer Service to understand when our customers need help and ensure they receive the support needed from Mammotome. Sales started working hand in hand with Supply Chain in 2020 because there needed to be more communication around incoming and outgoing products. Now we speak weekly to understand how to manage our current and incoming inventory to ensure our customers' needs are met with product without producing too much of a surplus."

Creating camaraderie plays a huge part in the success of the Mammotome sales organization. Every year, Mammotome Sales Representatives and Managers from across the nation meet in person to train, discuss goals, network, and collaborate to start the year strong. It is also a time to reflect on the team's success throughout the prior year and honor individuals who stood out. Staci shares, “The team building that happens at the sales meeting is meant to be fun, but also allow those who don’t know each other to meet and develop relationships within the sales team. It is a time to get everyone on board with the goals of the Organization and create a road map to get there together.”

Next, Dana Trenchfield, Strategic Health Systems Manager and founding member of the Mammotome Black and Friends Associate Led Group (ALG), shares how our passion for DE+I supports our "Win As a Team" culture at Mammotome.

"The Mammotome ALGs give us an open, non-judgmental space to connect with people from similar backgrounds, or who have similar likes and interests. Furthermore, it allows us to learn from people whose backgrounds and experiences are different than ours because we can participate in events and workshops from any Mammotome ALG, which I love to do. It makes us more aware, understanding, open-minded and compassionate,” explained Dana.

Mammotome ALGs strive to provide a fun, encouraging, inspiring and safe space where members can network professionally and personally and brainstorm ideas for growth and improvement. Dana shares, "We win as a team because we make sure to consider all opinions; we give any passionate associate the opportunity to hold a leadership position or contribute."

As a founding member of the Mammotome Black and Friends ALG, Dana details the collaboration that formed the ALG. First, they identified a committee dedicated to getting the group off the ground. They have been working on goals over the last six months, meeting with prospective members to determine their interests, and mapping out a calendar of events. Dana explains, “Since we are a newer ALG, we recently hosted an informational meeting to educate prospective members and friends on our organization and upcoming plans. We held it as a virtual meeting and spent time getting to know each prospective member and what events/functions they may be interested in.”

Last but certainly not least, Cameron McLain, Global Product Manager and Nicki Beckett, Senior Global Product Manager, explain how our organization works together as a team on our Launch Excellence process.

The Launch Excellence process guides our commercial planning activities and aligns them with new product development project timelines. It is a framework outlining what commercial deliverables are needed to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner. It also ensures all stakeholders are involved and informed along the way so a complete, fully aligned plan is in place when a product is launched.

Led by the Mammotome Global Product Management team, Launch Excellence is a true cross-functional effort pulling in the Regional Sales and Marketing teams, Sales Operations, Regulatory, Marketing Communications, Service, Customer Service, Physician Relations and Sales Training. “The entire process is built around engaging teams and working together to develop the best commercial strategy for the business,” explains Nicki Beckett. “All core team members are fully involved in all related events and meetings to make sure all parts of the business are considered when decisions are made and to encourage interdepartmental collaboration. The extended team, which includes directors and VPs, among others, is also invited to monthly update meetings to make sure they are informed of commercial readiness progress,” adds Cameron McLain.

What does it mean to win as a team with the Launch Excellence process? For Cameron, “winning as a team” means “making sure everyone is heard and has the opportunity to contribute. We all have the same goal of launching and selling products that help our customers provide the best care to their patients; we all want to have our fingerprint on the process that makes it happen. During events, I ensure there are many collaborative discussions and always make time for questions or comments. I try to incorporate brainstorming activities such as making meaningful claims and marketing slogans to allow everyone to have fun and participate. To me, “winning as a team” means having everyone aligned with the plan and looking back after the launch to appreciate and recognize everyone’s efforts.”

For Nicki, “winning as a team means making sure everyone’s voice is heard and considered, and that everyone understands why we make the decisions we make, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it. The Launch Excellence process gives the commercial teams a chance to be involved in product launch decision-making and have their voices heard and considered. Many of the discussions we have bring up new and surprising perspectives for me – which is really the goal!”

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