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Mammotome Benefits Support Our Associates Personally and Professionally

At Mammotome, benefits are an essential component of our associates’ overall job experience. We strive to offer competitive compensation, development and career opportunities along with a benefits package that our associates highly value. The Mammotome benefits package is available through our parent company, Danaher Corporation, and provides comprehensive offerings to support our associates and their family’s health and well-being.

In addition to medical, dental and vision benefits, there are benefits to help meet and support associates in their personal lives including: family planning resources, adoption assistance, maternity support, paid parental leave, a scholarship program, legal assistance plan, pet insurance, tuition reimbursement, back up child/elder care, a well-being program, resiliency and mindfulness resources, financial planning, counseling and support, virtual physical care, and more!

To provide a snapshot of just some of the benefits Mammotome has to offer, four associates share their firsthand experience and the features they value the most.

Parental Leave

Danaher believes that having parents present at the beginning stages of their child’s life is valuable for recovery and bonding, and supports this belief with eight weeks of paid parental leave for all associates and an additional short-term disability benefit for mothers providing six to eight weeks on top of the parental leave. Andrew Small, Director of Project Management pictured with his family appreciated being able to “break up” his parental leave incrementally throughout both of his children’s first year and described it as a “great benefit.” “I was so grateful for the parental leave policy. For both of my kids, I was able to take time off when my children were born to bond with them, adjust to the changes in my life, and help and support my wife.”

Digital Marketing Operations Manager Krizel Minnema who has experienced two paid parental leaves throughout her time at Mammotome shares, “Mammotome is a company that cares about work-life balance. When parents work from home with children that require care, managers offer to connect you with other parents that work from home with kids to offer advice. They’ll also work with your schedule during challenging times to offer flexibility so you can maintain a balanced life, caring for your family while also meeting the expectations of your job.”

Mammotome encourages associates to strike the right balance to prioritize taking the time they need to be with their family. Krizel recalls team meetings discussing ways to bring their best self to work which included discussions on how to create work-life balance and managing professional and personal priorities. “I work remotely, and when I had my second child, the team was flexible and understanding. [After taking my parental leave] I was still able to have time to be with my four-month-old and also tackle challenging projects that helped me advance my skills and the goals of my team. I completed my projects on time and, as a joke, I like to share my child already has intern experience dabbling with digital marketing operations,” Krizel recalls.

Andrew Small also shares the sentiment that he felt supported at work while having a newborn at home. “I could take the leave without worrying about what was happening at work. My second child was born a few months after I had transitioned to a new role and even then Mammotome was very accommodating. I never felt that my career goals have ever been compromised by taking a parental leave or balancing my efforts to be both a great employee and a great father.”

Maven Clinic Mobile Application

Maven is the world’s largest virtual clinic for women and families with a mission to “make healthcare work for all of us. From family building and fertility, to pregnancy, parenting and menopause.” Maven provides Mammotome associates with access to fertility doctors, pediatricians, OBGYNs, marriage counselors, sleep coaches and more.

When you sign up for Maven, you’re assigned a guide that helps answer your questions about navigating the various resources and how to take advantage of different programs and will connect you with professionals that are specific to your needs and questions. For Krizel, pictured with her family, and many other associates, it’s been a huge resource for their family. “Personally, I’ve booked appointments for marriage counseling to help navigate parenting multiple children while being available for each other. These conversations help us bring our best foot forward as a parent, as a spouse and for ourselves” shares Krizel. “We’ve also scheduled appointments with a sleep coach so we can have a consistent nap schedule and create a nice rhythm for work and productivity. Sleep coaches have also been helpful for managing baby’s sleep regressions at night so we can be rested! Now that I have another infant at home, we’ll be taking advantage of all of that again!”
Krizel with her family

Krizel and Andrew Small are avid users of Maven and describe it as a well-rounded app and resource where you can have detailed conversations with professionals to cover topics such as nutrition, child development and behavioral issues, self-care and more. Krizel shares that “if you need an appointment in the next hour or day, you can schedule a free appointment with a professional right away, complimentary through Danaher. Another bonus is if you’re looking for surrogacy assistance. Danaher will assist in covering a significant portion of the needed care.”

Krizel shared her favorite experience of all with Maven was in the beginning of 2021, when she was struggling to find a fertility doctor. Krizel explains, “the doctor my Maven guide connected me with was also in my city. I found her so helpful and caring that I chose her as my doctor. She helped me bring a boy and a girl into our little family. I’m so grateful we found her, and our Maven counselor helped us do that.” Andrew Small’s most notable experience was learning skills to help navigate and avoid temper tantrums. Andrew Small shares, “through the app, my wife and I were able to explore best practices around discipline based on a child’s development stage, helping our older daughter feel comfortable in the transition when our younger daughter was born. The Maven network allowed us to book free appointments with professionals within days, as compared to waiting weeks or months for costly specialists with referrals from our pediatrician.”

Virgin Pulse

In addition to prioritizing time with family, Mammotome encourages associates to prioritize holistically taking care of themselves. Virgin Pulse is a mobile application that provides resources for emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

Engineering Manager Jack Randall, to the left, is an avid user of this benefit and shares that as a marathoner, Virgin Pulse greatly contributes to his active lifestyle throughout the week. “It empowers me to monitor my progress towards specific fitness objectives, engage in friendly competitions with colleagues (such as step challenges), and provides reminders for maintaining healthy habits, both mentally and physically,” shared Jack. “Moreover, by completing activities and tracking my goals, I earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, or charitable donations.”

Additionally, Virgin Pulse offers a training library with topics ranging from healthy eating to sleeping. Jack has leveraged these various “journeys” within the Virgin Pulse app to explore education on financial well-being and healthy dietary habits. He describes them as “thoughtfully divided into easily digestible segments, allowing for quick daily reviews that effectively foster habit improvement.”

Fidelity Investments

For financial services, Mammotome partners with Fidelity Investments who specializes in financial planning and advice, retirement plans, wealth management services, trading, brokerage services and more.

Karen Isaacs, Vice President of Engineering and Research and Development, pictured right, finds the “seamless integration, ease of information, and the overall user-friendly interface” to be the most beneficial features of Fidelity Investments. "As a Fidelity customer, I was very impressed with how the Danaher benefits offered through Fidelity seamlessly integrated into my existing user experience. It was easy to sign up, connect accounts, make choices, and interact with all the benefits in a common user interface.” She was delighted to see that her existing Health Savings Account was integrated with Fidelity. “I love having as much information in one place as possible and I also trust Fidelity with my finances based upon my interaction with the company and advisors for the past few years. Signing up for the HSA was simple, it immediately showed up in my Fidelity account, and I received my HSA card within a week. It was also easy to adjust my contributions for the year.”

Fidelity Investments also offers seminars, training, and advisory services to its users which Karen has used for college savings planning for her children, retirement planning, and investment advice. Karen goes on to share that “we also have a Fidelity advisor we have worked with for the past few years. He and his team are great for long-term planning as well as quick questions as they come up throughout the year.”

Ultimately, Mammotome associates are driven by a shared purpose, driving innovative technologies that create efficiencies, while never forgetting that at the heart of every breast care journey is a patient. Our dedication to our customers and associates combined with our strong benefit package creates an internal culture where associates can meet their personal and professional needs with a desire to show up and perform their best every day.

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