Growing and Connecting Talent Through Associate Led Groups

Mammotome Associate Led Groups (ALG) are a powerful tool for embracing inclusion, celebrating diversity, and helping associates strive to reach their career aspirations. In honor of Women’s History Month, we explore how our ALGs provide an internal network for women at Mammotome to help elevate their careers. Continue reading to learn the perspectives of three associates who are some of the driving forces within the Mammotome Women and Friends (W+F), Asian + Friends, and The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) ALGs. These women discuss their personal experiences and how the Associate Led Groups are making a difference at Mammotome.

Mammotome ALGs provide development and networking opportunities.

Jessica Paxton, Indirect Procurement and Facilities Manager, joined the Mammotome W+F ALG to be a resource for fellow women in their personal career development. “I have a passion for empowering and supporting individuals, which this ALG is completely aligned with,” Jessica stated.

Neha Badam, Associate Test Engineer, is also a part of the Mammotome W+F group, as well as the Mammotome Asian + Friends and SWE ALGs. She was first introduced to SWE in college through a student organization and discovered that it is a great way to connect with other women in engineering. “SWE gave me professional development and networking opportunities in college while allowing me to mentor younger students,” explained Neha. “I was really excited to hear that there was an active SWE chapter when I started working at Mammotome. The organization helped me meet and connect with engineers from other departments and gave me outreach opportunities I was excited about, while continuing to offer personal and professional development.”

Maria Roma, Systems Engineer, is also involved in SWE and shared a fun fact that the Mammotome SWE ALG has representation from almost all Mammotome departments!

Being a part of ALGs positively impacts associates’ relationships with colleagues.

Jessica describes her ALG experience as “overwhelmingly positive.” She goes on to explain, “It has allowed me to have interactions with people I normally would not converse with, pushed me to grow multiple different soft skills, and empowered me to speak up.” Similarly, Neha shares that being a part of multiple Mammotome ALGs has allowed her to connect and get to know her colleagues outside of just a work setting. “Going to events for different holidays, happy hours and volunteer activities has given me the opportunity to share and learn about different cultural practices, hobbies, and interests of my co-workers. As a member of the Mammotome SWE steering committee, I have organized different outreach events that provide information and experience to young women interested in engineering, which is something I have always been passionate about.”

A major focus of Mammotome ALGs is mentorship to help our associates grow both personally and professionally.

“While planning events for the Mammotome SWE ALG, other members of the SWE steering committee have been a real asset in connecting me with community members and helping me think through the logistics of planning an event. In addition, through different happy hours and Mammotome ALG networking events, I have been able to learn more about other departments and figure out potential career and project interests. These events have helped me find potential areas of interest and create my development goals,” explains Neha.

One of Jessica’s favorite takeaways from the Mammotome W+F ALG are the many relationships she has gained. The ALG has connected her to associates for idea generation and thought sharing, as well as mentorship that she is excited to continue learning from.

Danaher offers Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) to strengthen connections and unite communities across the organization, as well as educating and broadening perspectives.

The ALGs provide Mammotome associates with an opportunity to create smaller communities and networks within Mammotome. Additionally, as part of the Danaher family of companies, Mammotome associates can get involved in larger Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) which aim to provide additional resources and opportunities to our associates. Mammotome associates network and collaborate with fellow Danaher operating companies providing expanded career opportunities across industries and brands.

“Across Danaher, we have had opportunities to connect with the Danaher DE&I initiatives such as participating in the virtual SWE Career Fair in 2021 along with women from fellow Danaher companies and sending a representative to Houston in 2022 to the annual SWE Conference to network with Danaher companies,” explains Maria.

Jessica explains “The amount of people across the different Danaher Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) that want to empower and grow individuals has been eye-opening. There has never been an instance in which individuals have not made time for conversation, brainstorming, or mentoring. It has truly opened doors to conversations and relationships I would not have been able to have otherwise. We have collaborated with the Danaher W+F ARG on an organization-wide event, met with Leica Biosystems W+F, and are in the process of developing an event later in the year with the Mammotome SWE ALG.”

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