Interviewing at Mammotome

Given the current circumstances related to COVID-19, Mammotome is conducting the majority of interviews and onboarding virtually. We know it’s difficult to replace in-person conversations, but we’re pleased to say that despite the limitations the pandemic has placed on our ability to meet in person, we have continued to hire great talent while maintaining engagement and building strong relationships.

To make up for a visit to the office, we’re making an extra effort to share what it’s like to work with the team and to provide candidates with details about our culture and working styles.

Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking and exhilarating experience, and every company’s approach to interviewing is different. At Mammotome, our recruiters (who are all part of the Danaher team), our hiring managers and our interview teams all follow standard work to help ensure we are creating a consistent and positive candidate experience from the first phone call. We’ve compiled this guide to help you understand what you can expect and offer some “insider tips” to help you prepare for your upcoming conversations. While not everyone will receive an offer, we hope all our Mammotome candidates walk away from the interview process with new connections and a desire to join our team in the future.

What is the typical Mammotome interview process?

We aim to keep the entire interview process as concise as possible. Whether you apply directly or a recruiter reaches out, we recognize the importance of your time. We seek speed and transparency at every step, and we hope this will support a positive experience for our candidates.

Step 1: Your application

When we’re screening inbound applications, we look for well-formatted, succinct resumes, including details that help us understand the variety of projects you’ve worked on and more importantly, the results you’ve delivered. Don’t be afraid to brag. You’ve earned it.

Step 2: Phone or video screen with a recruiter (30-45 minutes)

On our screening calls, we start with an overview of Mammotome and how we fit with Danaher, our four platforms and our operating company (OpCo) structure. Danaher is complex, and the structure can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your phone screen should help you decide if Mammotome is a place where you want to work, so bring thoughtful questions about the company and the role.

Step 3: Phone/video interview with the hiring manager (45-60 minutes)

Following a successful screening call, you will have the opportunity to “meet” the hiring manager. The hiring manager will use this time to get to know you, but it is also your time to get to know Mammotome, so expect time, at the end, to ask your questions too. See below for preparation tips for this interview and those that follow.

Step 4: In-person or video interviews (2-4 hours in total depending on role)

Mammotome values teamwork, so we conduct many of our interviews as a panel, which includes several interview team members from Mammotome. We realize it can be a bit more intimidating, but our goal is to help reduce the number of times you answer the same question, saving you time.

For certain roles, such as Sales and leadership positions, we may ask you to conduct a presentation. Don’t worry; we’ve picked a topic that should come easy – you! Candidate presentations include an overview of your resume, your background and a description of your strengths and weaknesses. We want you to put your best foot forward, and we believe that allowing you time to prepare helps you do just that.

We train our interviewers (some of whom are called “bar raisers”) to assess candidates objectively. Regardless of who is interviewing, we focus on ensuring an unbiased interview process. Our interviewers are encouraged to evaluate candidates by understanding unconscious bias objectively. We also ensure consistency by evaluating all talent against our Core Behaviors. While certain behaviors are important, we focus on broadening the ‘Circle of Inclusion’ at Mammotome. We look for culture adds, not culture fit. We are passionate about raising the bar on talent while ensuring that all candidates have the opportunity to succeed.

Step 5: In-person or video interview with the hiring manager’s manager.

We call this the one-over-one interview and it is your chance to meet another member of your potential future leadership team. It also helps support our culture of teamwork and collaboration by allowing for leadership input into hiring only the best talent (like you) at Mammotome.

Preparing to interview with the hiring manager and team

  • Research Mammotome and Danaher and get familiar with our Danaher Business Systems (DBS) and our pillars. Reference the guide to researching Danaher for more specifics.
  • Be ready to discuss how your skills match those listed in the job advertisement.
  • We value behavioral-based interviewing, so be prepared with detailed examples highlighting your past experiences.
  • We are also looking for individuals who have the potential to grow and learn so be prepared to answer theoretical questions. These types of questions aren’t intended to stump you, but instead, we are looking for you to demonstrate how you would approach solving a problem or learning something new.
  • Prepare to share how you achieved results. If you have metrics to prove your point, even better—metrics are an integral part of our DBS mindset, and they drive major decisions across the company.
  • Practice your answers to common interview questions, including why you want to work at Mammotome, your career aspirations for the next five years and your proudest achievement. Have a clear idea of what you want to say but stop short of memorizing your responses—we value authenticity as well as preparedness.
  • Once you know who will be interviewing you, do some online research, and draft specific questions for each person. We encourage interviewers to set aside plenty of time for your questions, so take time to create a thoughtful list. Not only should your questions help you decide if Mammotome is right for you, but they also help show your curiosity and your interest in Mammotome.
  • As you research the company, dig into a topic, form a point of view, and come ready to spark a discussion with your hiring manager. Probing questions will show your understanding of the business and give you insight into the company strategy and long-term vision.

A Note on 'Getting Personal'

Don’t worry. We won’t ask you to divulge any secrets, but we do want to get to know the whole you. We strive to create a work environment where associates can feel wholly themselves, and we believe this starts with the first hello. Beyond experience and metrics, we value an inclusive culture where associates can build relationships. You shouldn’t feel like you’re being grilled on your resume, instead we hope you’ll feel more like you’re having a conversation. Relax and be yourself. By being yourself and building connections with your interviewers, you’ll not only show your true personality, but you will get to know us better as well.

Third, figure out what you do well and what sets you apart from others and put your energy into growing that. Don’t simply focus on improving your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses, including executive leaders who can still be highly successful with those weaknesses. Obviously, if the weakness is vital to your role, and it’s something you enjoy, in that case, you should put energy into growing there. But if it’s not something you enjoy, it is okay to focus your efforts elsewhere and find another area to grow.

Our core behaviors shape our interview questions

At Mammotome, we share more than a bottom line with Danaher. We share a purpose. Our Shared Purpose – Helping Realize Life’s Potential – expresses Danaher’s reason for being and the impact that every one of us at Mammotome strives to have on the world. Our Core Values define the fundamental beliefs that guide our actions. Our Core Behaviors enable our values, powered by DBS as our proven system for achieving success at Danaher.

As you prepare for conversations with our team, the following questions are a good place to start. We are looking for candidates who will demonstrate behaviors that align with our way of working. Let’s take a look:

Core Behavior: Apply Insights

Description: Listens and responds to external and internal customer needs, applying critical thinking, and cultivating breakthrough ideas.

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you anticipated a customer’s need.

Core Behavior: Instill Trust

Description: Acts with integrity and is self-aware, genuine, open and honest.

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you stood alone for what you thought was right.

Core Behavior: Win as a Team

Description: Empowers diverse perspectives, builds knowledge and skills and cultivates inclusion, belonging and well-being.

Sample Interview Question: Tell me about one of your favorite experiences working with a team and how you contributed. What was the outcome?

Core Behavior: Deliver Results

Description: Moves strategy to action, champions continuous improvement and delivers sustainable results to win in our markets.

Sample Interview Question: What was one of your early career goals? Tell me about the biggest career goal you’ve ever achieved. What was the outcome?

There’s no one right answer to these questions. But the best responses are grounded in the details of your experience and clearly demonstrate the results you achieved—they tell your story as only you can.  Our hope is that you show up for your interview ready to share your stories, passion and personality. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce the wonderful people working at Mammotome!

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