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As the pioneers in vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, Mammotome is proud to celebrate over 25 years of innovation. It all began with the original Mammotome® Breast Biopsy System, which transformed breast cancer intervention from open surgical biopsy to minimally invasive procedures. From these early days, Mammotome focused on providing best-in-class technology to help clinicians accurately diagnose breast cancer.

Today, Mammotome remains committed to advancing breast care by discovering new opportunities to deliver better solutions. We strive to be the trusted leader in breast cancer diagnostics and surgical solutions, accomplished through strong product performance, trusted partnerships and an unwavering focus on patient outcomes.

If you have an idea, product, or technology that you believe could help Mammotome take a step forward in helping advancing breast cancer diagnostics, please complete the form below.

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You will be asked to submit some information about yourself as well as non-confidential information about your idea. Your submission will be assessed by our Innovation Team, and we will contact you to discuss our interest.

You may have proprietary rights in your idea, and you should consider protecting it though patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property. You should consult your own lawyer and take any steps necessary to protect your idea BEFORE you submit your idea.

Please note that Mammotome invests significant resources in new product research and development efforts and may already be working on a similar idea.
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