Mammotome Revolve™ EX


The first vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system designed specifically for lesion excision with an expanded, flexible collection system to store multiple lesion areas.


High-Quality Tissue Collection

Take Tissue Faster

The Mammotome Revolve EX biopsy system is 2.5X faster1 as compared to competitive systems utilizing continuous sampling mode, which takes 1 tissue sample every 5 seconds.

Ergonomic, Safe to Use One-Handed

Probe and holster are >20% lighter than competitive systems3, control module contains an innovative tip protector release system that enables safe hand piece placement before and during the procedure.

Take and Touch a Sample

Option to inspect a single specimen enables flexibility in collection while the cutter stays sharp to allow for consistent tissues weights even after 50 samples.2

EZ-Sleeve™ Cover Allows for Sterile Option

Customized sterile sleeve option to optimize workflow by shortening setup time, reducing turnaround time, requiring less labor.4

Designed for efficiency, safety and reliability, the Mammotome Revolve™ EX biopsy system improves workflow efficiency and clinical confidence.

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How many samples can the tray hold?

The 3+1 specimen management system can hold 25 samples in each of the 3 trays and a single sample in tray 1.

What is the aperture length for the Mammotome Revolve™ EX biopsy system?

The probe has an adjustable aperture of 12 mm, 18 mm or 25 mm.

What length and size are the needles of the Mammotome Revolve™ EX biopsy system?

The 8G needle length for the Mammotome Revolve™ EX biopsy system is 92 mm.

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1. Comparative analysis based upon engineering study conducted by Mammotome of the devices specified. Testing conditions vary and can impact results. For the Mammotome Revolve™ EX, data measured the time starting at first press of biopsy button, stopping at 20th biopsy cycle completed, in continuous sampling mode, full aperture. For the devices that do not have continuous mode option, the time was measured starting at first press of biopsy button, and holding until 20th biopsy cycle completed, in default sampling mode. All devices were set at their maximum aperture length.

2. Study Disclosure: Results from an internal study conducted by Mammotome using the Mammotome Revolve™ EX breast biopsy system in live animal lab test. Reported outcomes based upon 1500 tissue samples acquired by 30 Mammotome Revolve™ EX probes from animal breast tissue (each probe acquires 50 samples). Bleeding conditions are defined as follows: light bleeding; medium bleeding- macro bleeding observed occasionally, and heavy bleeding- macro bleeding observed most of the time. Tissue weight data is the average tissue weight of each tissue tray, i.e. total tissue weight in the tissue tray divided by total tissue sample number in the tray.

3. Data on file: weight data includes holster and holster cable.

4. Compared to the Mammotome RevolveEX, the Mammotome RevolveU/S and the Bard EnCor Enspire™ breast biopsy system. These three alternative systems must use a standard sterile sleeve to meet sterility requirements in the OR; they do not have a customized sterile sleeve option to fit the handpiece.

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