Mammotome ST


Combining the power of vacuum-assisted breast biopsy with stereotactic imaging


The Pioneer in Clinical Confidence

Access Challenging Lesions

The variable aperture sleeve allows clinicians to utilize simple targeting and adjustable tissue sampling to reach some of the most difficult to sample lesions.

High Quality Biopsy Cores

Provide your Pathologists with large, intact tissue cores for easier processing and better answers.

Deliver More Tissue in Less Time

The Mammotome ST biopsy device offers two needle options, 8G and 11G, to collect a large quantity of tissue in a single pass to help ensure an accurate diagnosis.

More Choices. Better Options.

Choose from an extensive menu of system options in probes and accessories to best suit your biopsy needs.

Mammotome ST provides more tissue in less time, with high quality biopsy cores

Mammotome ST Procedure Demo
Mammotome ST Animated Demo

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“I chose to use the 8-gauge Mammotome ST because it is a fast and efficient tool for complete or partial removal of imaged evidence of the lesion. In addition, the size and integrity of the 8-gauge samples offer simple and immediate confirmation that I am sampling the correct area in question.”

Terri-Ann Gizienski, MD

Director of Breast Imaging, Magee Women's Hospital


In what gauge sizes is the Mammotome ST available?

The Mammotome ST is available in 8 gauge and 11 gauge options.

Can the aperture be adjusted for lesions in challenging locations?

Yes, there is a variable aperture sleeve available.

With what mammography/stereotactic units is the Mammotome revolve ST compatible?

The Mammotome revolve ST is compatible with the most commonly used mammography systems including; GE, Siemens, Hologic, Fuji and others. (contact your local sales representative for details)

Mammotome® Markers

Mammotome® Markers offer clinicians the most comprehensive portfolio available, providing a customized solution for every breast biopsy need.


Mammotome® Elite

The Mammotome® Elite breast biopsy device combines vacuum-assisted biopsy tissue quality with the ease and speed of a spring-loaded core needle.


Mammotome Revolve™ Stereotactic

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST biopsy device offers efficiency and clinical confidence for stereotactic-guided breast biopsy procedures.


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