Mammotome EX


Brings the efficiency and accuracy of the Mammotome system to the ultrasound suite


A Legacy of Confidence, Accuracy and Trust

View Sampling Aperture with Ease

The highly visible sampling aperture enables multiple contiguous samples from a single insertion for improved clinical confidence.

Smart and Ergonomic Design

The Mammotome EX biopsy holster delivers the robust design required to handle dense tissue balanced with an ergonomic comfort fit grip that allows for various hand positions.

Deliver More Tissue in Less Time

Mammotome EX biopsy device offers two needle size options, 8G and 11G, allowing the desired amount of tissue to be sampled with fewer passes, while maximizing the amount of intact tissue acquired for clinical confidence.

Mark with Ease

The Mammotome EX biopsy device allows for the simple introduction of a breast biopsy marker using special ports.

Confidence in Quality Tissue Acquisition

Mammotome EX Set-Up
Holding the Device and Transducer
Finding and Annotating the Lesion

“The 8-gauge Mammotome EX has allowed me to offer a treatment option to women with benign disease. Instead of open surgery, I use the 8-gauge to remove the lesion. The procedure is fast, easy and my patients are relieved to know that they don’t have to go to surgery.”

Lydia Hernandez, MD

Source: Mammotome Breast Biopsy System MDM# 12-0016


What size tissue samples can I expect from Mammotome EX?

The Mammotome EX provides robust tissue samples for diagnosis. Porcine samples shown above illustrate a 250mg core from the 8g probe and an 83g core from the 11g probe.

Can I visualize the tissue from Mammotome EX as it is sampled?

Yes. Mammotome EX allows you to fully visualize and touch the tissue as you remove it from the device after each sample.

Which tissue markers are appropriate for use with Mammotome EX?

All brands of Mammotome markers are appropriate for use with Mammotome EX. Your local sales representative or the Mammotome customer service team can help identify the right marker for your needs.

Mammotome® Elite

The Mammotome® Elite breast biopsy device combines vacuum-assisted biopsy tissue quality with the ease and speed of a spring-loaded core needle.


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