Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Providing efficiency and clinical confidence throughout the procedure and onto pathology

A widely used effective technique

Stereotactic imaging has been a mainstay of the breast cancer care paradigm for some time. Recent advances in technology are enabling more sophisticated 2D and 3D images to be collected from patients in prone and upright positions and subsequently analyzed. Always important for calcified abnormalities in particular, Stereotactic biopsy continues to be an important technique in many practices.

Linking Imaging, Biopsy and Pathology

A very beneficial aspect of Stereotactic procedures is the ability to collect biopsy samples and immediately analyze them. A successful biopsy procedure can be confirmed at the patient’s side. This ability to integrate sample collection and analysis helps contribute to the utility and effectiveness of Stereotactic biopsies.

Our suite of stereotactic breast biopsy solutions help you biopsy and mark more efficiently

Mammotome® Markers

Mammotome® markers offer clinicians the most comprehensive portfolio available, providing a customized solution for every breast biopsy need.


Mammotome Revolve™ Stereotactic

The Mammotome Revolve™ ST biopsy device offers efficiency and clinical confidence for stereotactic-guided breast biopsy procedures.


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Mammotome Confirm™

Verify the presence of microcalcifications during stereotactic biopsies quickly and easily.


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