MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy

The most sensitive imaging technique for the detection and analysis of breast cancer.

Powerful and Informative

The ability of MRI to detect abnormalities or lesions in the breast is unmatched by any other imaging technique. Often used for high risk patients or to reconfirm ambiguous results from another imaging technique, MRI is seen as the most sensitive technique for detection of some of the smallest lesions or for identifying the earliest stages of breast cancer.

Making the difficult easier

Vacuum-assisted biopsy is often the method of choice for these very important MRI-guided breast biopsy procedures. Mammotome MR vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system can help overcome some of the positional uncertainty endemic of MRI biopsy including probe positioning, lesion targeting and marker placement.

MRI Suite of Solutions

Breast Biopsy Markers

We offer a wide variety of breast biopsy markers for MRI procedures that are compatible with both Mammotome breast biopsy devices as well as other breast biopsy devices available on the market today.


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