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As the pioneers in vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, Mammotome is proud to celebrate 25 years of innovation.



It all began with the Mammotome® breast biopsy system. This technology transformed breast cancer intervention from open surgical biopsy to minimally invasive procedures. Originally known as Biopsys, this system provided an accurate diagnosis, while greatly improving the overall patient experience.


Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES), part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, acquired Biopsys. EES continued product development on the Mammotome® biopsy system, expanding the Mammotome brand into the worldwide market leader.


Mammotome® HH breast biopsy system for ultrasound guided procedures was introduced to the market, a true milestone in the diagnosis of breast lesions.


The Mammotome® ST breast biopsy system launched, providing an enhanced biopsy system specifically designed for stereotactic procedures. Mammotome also introduced the MicroMARK II breast biopsy tissue marker.


The Mammotome® breast biopsy system expanded to include Mammotome® EX for ultrasound-guided biopsy procedures. Mammotome also introduced the MammoMARK® line of breast biopsy markers, designed to enhance performance accuracy in biopsy site marking.


The Mammotome® breast biopsy system expanded to include Mammotome® MR for magnetic resonance imaging-guided procedures.


Devicor Medical Products, Inc. acquired Mammotome’s breast care business from Ethicon-Endo Surgery.


Devicor Medical Products, Inc. acquired the Neoprobe® GDS portfolio of products from Neoprobe® Corporation, creating a newly combined breast biopsy and breast surgery portfolio.


The Mammotome® Elite launched, the world’s leading single-insertion, tetherless vacuum-assisted biopsy device. The MammoSTAR® marker was also added to the Mammotome® marker portfolio, providing a new all-natural marking alternative.


Mammotome unveiled the Mammotome Revolve™ dual vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system for stereotactic procedures, truly redefining biopsy procedural efficiency without compromising tissue quality.


Mammotome unveiled big developments in its product portfolio. First the launch of the Mammotome Revolve™ biopsy system for ultrasound procedures. Two exciting acquisitions including the HydroMARK™ breast biopsy marker portfolio and the MammoTest stereotactic biopsy table. Finally, a distribution agreement was signed for the Faxitron CoreVision in-room specimen radiograph system.


Devicor Medical Products, Inc. was acquired by Leica Biosystems, bringing Mammotome under the Danaher Corporation umbrella.


Mammotome began distributing the Sentimag® localization platform, including the Magseed® magnetic marker providing wire-free lesion localization. To further expand Mammotome’s extensive biopsy marker portfolio, the company began distributing the all-natural, non-metal BiomarC® biopsy site markers.


Mammotome enters into a distribution agreement with Kub Technologies, Inc. to distribute their line of specimen radiography systems, replacing the Faxitron CoreVision with the Mammotome Confirm™ system. The Sentimag® platform expands to include the Magtrace® lymphatic tracer, providing radiation-free Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.


Mammotome unveils a new brand identity with an updated look and feel. Mammotome also began distribution of the TruCore™ II automatic core biopsy instrument.


Mammotome celebrates 25 years of innovation in breast cancer diagnostics. To date, more than 10 million women worldwide have had a procedure using a minimally invasive Mammotome® breast biopsy system1.

1. Based on internal sales data

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