Mammotome® Elite Tetherless Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy System

Provides the speed and ease of a core needle with the advantages of vacuum-assisted technology.

Smart. Reliable. Efficient.

Creates an Efficient Procedure

A single insertion obtains multiple samples allowing for an efficient, accurate procedure without repositioning of the needle tip.

Delivers a Reliable Sample

Integrated TruVac technology captures and transports large, unfragmented tissue samples from the biopsy site to the collection cup, enabling a reliable sample.

Enables Ease of Use

One button sample collection and vacuum driven tissue transport, simplifies the biopsy procedure for the physician and the patient.

Smart and Ergonomic Design

Compact holster design with three preferred hand position choices offers flexibility during biopsy.

Designed for procedural efficiency and an accurate sample

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What is the Mammotome® Elite biopsy device?
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“Patient satisfaction is improved due to decreased procedure time and single insertion. Radiologist and pathologist satisfaction are improved due to the high quality of diagnostic cores.”
Kimberly Hutcherson, MD
Director, Gwinnett, North Metropolitan Radiology Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

What modalities is the Mammotome® Elite system used for?

The Mammotome® Elite biopsy device is appropriate for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy procedures.

What are the parts of the Mammotome® Elite system?

The Mammotome® Elite system consists of a reusable charging base and holster (packaged together) and disposable one-time use probes.

How can the Mammotome® Elite device help minimize procedural time?

The Mammotome® Elite is a single-insertion device that provides a touch-free tissue transportation system. This saves time on repositioning the needle between each tissue sample.

How long does the battery take to charge?

A completely discharged Mammotome® Elite holster takes 200 minutes to charge.

Is a capital purchase required for the Mammotome® Elite holster?

There are multiple options for obtaining or using the Mammotome® Elite holster, including options that do not include capital purchase in some geographies. Please reach out to your local Mammotome representative or use the Contact Us form below to inquire.

How long is the needle?

The Mammotome® Elite needle length is 12.5cm.

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