Mammotome DualCore™ Dual Stage Core Biopsy System

This device is lightweight, precise, and reliable, offering a spring-loaded action for quality sampling capability.

Lightweight. Precise. Reliable.

3 Programmable Firing Modes

Automatic, delay, and zero-throw firing modes give physicians flexibility to obtain quality tissue samples in a variety of
clinical settings.

One-Handed Operation

Arming wings and ergonomic design make it easy to control with one hand, enabling convenient handling of the probe during ultrasound procedures.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Handle

Small, lightweight design limits needle movement, improving accuracy and making it easier to sample challenging lesions.

Clear Ultrasound Visibility

Echogenic margins help confirm the placement of the sample notch for precise ultrasound positioning.

Dual Stage Core Biopsy System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse the Mammotome DualCore™ system?

The Mammotome DualCore™ device is for single use only. Please do not attempt to clean or sterilize Mammotome DualCore™ for additional biopsy procedures.

Where can I get more information on the Mammotome DualCore™ system?

The Mammotome DualCore™ product brochure includes technical specifications and ordering information.

Is it possible to bundle a Mammotome DualCore™ system with a Mammotome® marker?

No, we do not offer pre-set bundles. However, you can work with your Mammotome representative to discuss potential discounts when ordering Mammotome DualCore™ with other Mammotome® products.

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