Mammotome ConfirmCore Specimen Radiography System

Verify the presence of microcalcifications during stereotactic biopsies quickly and easily.

Compact. Powerful. Efficient.

Improve Workflow

Reduce procedure time by integrating point-of-care specimen imaging directly into the biopsy suite.

Optimize Biopsy Suite Efficiency

Increase biopsy suite utilization by eliminating unnecessary sample analysis delays.

Enhance Biopsy Quality

Identify and verify even challenging microcalcifications at the time of biopsy.

Create a Better Patient Experience

Minimize time patients spend under compression, improving the overall patient experience.

A compact and powerful core imaging solution for the biopsy suite.

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Maximizing Your Efficiency in the Stereo Suite
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Stereotactic Biopsy Workflow

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Rethink Specimen Imaging
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Rethink Stereo Biopsy Efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

What protective equipment is required due to the x-rays?

The Mammotome Confirm SRS is an enclosed system, all x-rays remain inside. No shielding or protective equipment is required to operate the Mammotome Confirm system safely.

How can the Mammotome Confirm system help reduce biopsy time?

Clear and readable specimen images can be produced immediately in the biopsy suite. This can save time when compared to transporting images to the mammography room for verification.

How should I prepare the sample for screening in the Mammotome Confirm system?

Tissue acquired from the Mammotome Revolve biopsy device can be transported in the tissue management system and placed directly into the Mammotome Confirm system without any manipulation or handling of the specimen.

How large is the detector size?

The detector is 3 inches x 5 inches (7cm x 12cm).

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