Magseed® Magnetic Seed Localization

Designed to simplify each step of breast cancer surgery for the patient and physician.

The Marker Designed for Both Patients and Physicians

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Enables Placement Flexibility

Forget ‘day of surgery’ constraints associated with wire-guided localization, now you can choose when and where to place Magseed®, decoupling radiology and surgery schedules.

Ensures Reliable Implantation

Once in place, patients can simply forget about their Magseed® marker. It won’t move, break or dislodge – whether it’s one day or a hundred days before surgery.

Improves Surgical Outcomes

Magseed® is easy to find, whether it’s a shallow lesion or more than 10 cm deep in the breast, resulting in a 99.7% retrieval rate across all 3,000 patients in clinical trials. Magseed® has also shown to reduce the need for re-excision from 25% with guidewires to as low as 6.5%.1

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Creates a Better Patient Experience

With Magseed®, patients won’t be able to feel the seed once it’s in place. They can return to normal daily life, reduce the number of visits to hospitals, decrease time spent in the hospital and eliminate delays to the operating room on the day of surgery.

Provides Better Cosmetic Outcomes

As the seed is minimally invasive, smaller incisions and a broad array of oncoplastic techniques become possible – giving your patients better outcomes than they may have thought possible.2

Provides Proven Efficacy

The Magseed® marker has been studied in over 4,000 patients, more than any other non-radioactive marker. It has also been used in more than 60,000 procedures in over 40 countries.

1. Puneet Singh MD et al. (2019) Effectiveness and Safety of Magseed localization for Excision of Breast Lesions: A Prospective Clinical Trial
2. Pieszko et al (2020) Evaluation of the Nonradioactive Inducible Magnetic Seed System Magseed for Preoperative Localization of Nonpalpable Breast Lesions – Initial Clinical Experience.

Tiny Seed. Huge Impact.

*Indicated for soft tissue any time before surgery in the USA and <30 days in Canada.

See How It Works

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Magseed® – See how it works
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Simplicity of Magseed®
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Comparison of Wires vs. Magseed®
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Patient Experience with Magseed®
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Patient Anxiety of Wires vs. Magseed®

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“The ability to utilize the seed, place the seed at a different setting, maybe the week before, and then have that patient come in, just for the surgery, right up to the pre-op area, has really changed things dramatically for us.”
Michael Alvarado, MD
Professor of Surgery, Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship UCSF

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to worry about the seed moving or breaking before surgery?

Unlike conventional guidewires, once a Magseed® marker has been placed, patients won’t be able to feel it and its special design means it will sit firmly implanted in the cancer. From the time it’s placed to the time of the surgery, it can’t be dislodged or broken.

Is Magseed® composed of tiny magnets?

No, the Magseed® marker is made of medical grade stainless steel (low nickel) that becomes temporarily magnetized when the Sentimag® probe is near. This facilitates the ability to perform precision localization procedures.
Why is the Magseed® marker a better solution than traditional wire localization for breast cancer surgery?
The Magseed® marker can be placed days, weeks or months ahead of surgery to suit both you and your patients’ schedules. The procedure is simple and can often be completed in a matter of minutes. This flexibility means you don’t have to worry about additional procedures on the day of surgery affecting scheduling.

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