MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Markers

Providing a non-metal marking alternative with a long-lasting beta glucan carrier plug for unique patient sensitivities

MammoSTAR® Biopsy Site Markers

Provides a Naturally Reassuring Option

The MammoSTAR® marker offers a non-metallic option composed of all natural minerals, Carbon Coated Zirconium Oxide and lyophilized beta-glucan gel (or simple sugar).

Enhanced long-term Ultrasound Visibility.

The MammoSTAR® marker provides enhanced long-term ultrasound visibility to allow easier pre-surgery localization.1

1. Mammotome Internal Data

Two Distinct Shapes for Visibility. The MammoSTAR® marker offers two natural, non-metal shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites. Regular and petite sizes available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do MammoSTAR® markers provide enhanced ultrasound visibility?

Yes, the lyophilized beta-glucan gel (or simple sugar) provides enhanced long-term ultrasound visibility to allow easier pre-surgery localization.

What is the MammoSTAR® marker composed of?

The MammoSTAR® marker is a pyrolytic carbon coating while the carrier is a lyophilized beta-glucan gel or simple sugar.

Does the MammoSTAR® marker contain nickel?

The MammoSTAR® marker does not contain nickel.

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