BiomarC® Biopsy Site Markers

All-natural design within a small size enables the accurate placement you desire.

BiomarC® Biopsy Site Markers

Delivers a More Complete Image

Features a non-ferromagnetic composition that leads to less blooming artifact, which can interfere with interpretation of MR images.

Provides a Natural, Non-Metal Composition

Composed of a Zirconium-Oxide for strength and unique imaging characteristics with a Pyrolytic Carbon coating, the BiomarC® marker is the natural choice for your patients.1, 2, 3, 4

Enables Enhanced UItrasound Visibility

The BiomarC® marker provides permanent enhanced ultrasound visibility versus other bare metal-only markers due to the proprietary Pyrolytic Carbon Coating.

Offers A Safe, Nickel-Free Alternative

The BiomarC® marker is a great option for patients, even the 10-20% of the general population with nickel sensitivity.

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Two distinct shapes for visibility. The BiomarC® markers include two distinct carbon coated ceramic shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites.


“BiomarC®…Demonstrated a statistically significant advantage in visibility over…UltraClip II MR, UltraClip II PVA, and CeleroMark…”
AJUM Nov. 2012 15 (4)
2012_SEOW_AJUM_Sono visibility of breast tissue markers. AJUM Nov. 2012 15 (4)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BiomarC® marker contain nickel?

The BiomarC® marker does not contain nickel.

Does the BiomarC® marker contain any sharp edges?

The BiomarC® marker does not contain any sharp edges.

What are the measurements of the BiomarC® marker?

The BiomarC® marker comes in 3 different sizes and 2 shapes; Petite Barbel = 1x3mm, Barbel = 2x4mm, and Tribell = 1x5mm.

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5. Indication for lymph node using HydroMARK™ markers is limited to the United States with other country registrations pending.
6. MammoMARK™ Device Test – PRC043442 Rev B, pgs. 2, 5-6: Collagen Expansion

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