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Highly Visible Under all Imaging Modalities1

Whether you are biopsying under stereotactic x-ray, performing a pre-op MRI, or localization under ultrasound, Mammotome® markers have the visibility that you can count on.1

1. Pinkney, Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography 29(4) 151 – 158, DOI

Anti-Migration for Accurate Placement2

We offer markers enclosed by collagen designed to provide anti-migration and hemostasis properties to better assist you with placement accuracy.2

2. Corsi, The American Journal of Surgery (2015) 209, 950-958

Compatible With Most Major Breast Biopsy Devices

Mammotome® markers are designed to work with not only our biopsy devices but other biopsy companies as well (Hologic® & BD Bard®)

Patient Compatibility

Worried about nickel allergies? Mammotome offers non-nickel breast biopsy marker options.

Breast marking technologies designed to meet your patients’ individual needs. Mammotome’s portfolio includes:

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Our Comprehensive Marker Portfolio


Enduring exclusive hydrogel technology provides long-term
ultrasound visibility in percutaneous breast biopsy procedures, including axillary lymph nodes.3

MammoMARK® & CorMARK®

Rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker within the biopsy cavity reducing the likelihood of movement.4


The all-natural biopsy marker provides a non-metal marking alternative with a long-lasting beta glucan carrier plug for unique patient sensitivities.


All-natural design within a small size enables the accurate
placement you desire.

3. Indication for lymph node using HydroMARK™ markers is limited to the United States with other country registrations pending.
4. MammoMARK™ Device Test – PRC043442 Rev B, pgs. 2, 5-6: Collagen Expansion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my breast biopsy device compatible with a Mammotome® biopsy marker?

Please review our compatibility brochures linked below or speak to your Mammotome representative.
  • Mammotome Breast Biopsy Device Compatibility Marker Brochure
  • Non-Mammotome Breast Biopsy Device Compatibility Marker Brochure

Is it possible to bundle a Mammotome core needle biopsy device with a Mammotome® marker?

Yes, we do offer bundles with our core needle and breast biopsy markers. Please fill out the Contact Us Form or ask your local Mammotome Breast Care Specialist for more information.
Is it possible to bundle a Mammotome® Elite biopsy device with a Mammotome® marker?
No, unfortunately we do not offer a bundle deal for our Mammotome® Elite biopsy device and marker products.

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