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Frequently Asked Product Questions

Breast Biopsy Markers

Please review our compatibility brochures linked below or speak to your mammotome representative.

  • Mammotome Breast Biopsy Device Compatibility Marker Brochure
  • Other Breast Biopsy Device Compatibility Marker Brochure

Yes, we do offer bundles with our core needle and breast biopsy markers. Please fill out the Contact Us Form or ask your local Mammotome Breast Care Specialist for more information.

No, unfortunately we do not offer a bundle deal for our Mammotome elite biopsy device and marker products.


Never. The Neoprobe does not require calibration nor preventative maintenance

99mTc, 125I, 57Co, 111In, 131I, 18F, and has an ‘Open’ Setting

Console, probe, battery (for wireless bluetooth probe), and the power cord

Breast, Melanoma, Prostate, and limited applications for Cervical, and Head & Neck. The Neoprobe is also useful for Parathyroid procedures.

Magseed Magnetic Marker

Unlike conventional guidewires, once a Magseed® marker has been placed, patients won’t be able to feel it and its special design means it will sit firmly implanted in the cancer. From the time it’s placed to the time of the surgery, it can’t be dislodged or broken.

No, the Magseed® marker is made of medical grade stainless steel (low nickel) that becomes temporarily magnetized when the Sentimag® probe is near. This facilitates the ability to perform precision localization procedures.

The Magseed® marker can be placed days, weeks or months ahead of surgery to suit both you and your patients’ schedules. The procedure is simple and can often be completed in a matter of minutes. This flexibility means you don’t have to worry about additional procedures on the day of surgery affecting scheduling.


No, the Matrace® Tracer contains many tiny organically coated iron oxide particles that become temporarily magnetized when the Sentimag® probe is near and this facilitates the system’s ability to perform precision localization procedures.

The Magtrace® tracer allows your facility to decouple nuclear medicine and surgery. Radiologists can inject Magtrace® when it’s convenient, and the patient can show up directly to surgical prep the morning of the procedure rather than having to stop at nuclear medicine first. Alternatively, surgeons can also choose to inject Magtrace® up to 20 minutes before starting surgery, saving the patient from the pain of an added injection. Magtrace® also enables surgeons to avoid potential risks associated with traditional blue dye such as anaphylaxis and skin necrosis.

The Magtrace® tracer can be injected days or as little as 20 minutes before surgery.

dSLNB is an exciting new procedure that is performed by injecting the Magtrace tracer in patients with a lower likelihood of having invasive breast cancer. The patient has their mastectomy performed, but does not have a SLNB completed that day. Pathology determines if the patient has invasive or noninvasive cancer in the breast. If non invasive, the patient does not need additional axillary surgery. If it is invasive cancer, the patient may return to surgery for a SLNB. This is a more advanced procedure performed by surgeons familiar with the Sentimag® localization system

Mammotome Confirm

The Mammotome Confirm is an enclosed system, all x-rays remain inside. No shielding or protective equipment is required to operate the Confirm safely.

Clear and readable specimen images can be produced immediately in the biopsy suite. This can save time when compared to transporting images to the mammography room for verification.

The detector is 3 inches x 5 inches (7cm x 12cm).

Tissue acquired from the Mammotome revolve biopsy device can be transported in the tissue management system and placed directly into the Confirm without any manipulation or handling of the specimen.

Mammotome elite

The Mammotome elite breast biopsy device is appropriate for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy procedures.

A completely discharged Mammotome elite holster takes 200 minutes to charge.

The Mammotome elite system consists of a reusable charging base and holster (packaged together) and disposable one-time use probes.

There are multiple options for obtaining or using the Mammotome elite holster, including options that do not include capital purchase in some geographies. Please reach out to your local Mammotome representative or use the Contact Us form below to inquire.

The Mammotome elite is a single-insertion device that provides a touch-free tissue transportation system. This saves time on repositioning the needle between each tissue sample.

The Mammotome elite needle length is 12.5cm.

Mammotome revolve ST

Dual vacuum-assisted technology acquires the desired tissue volume in fewer passes through lateral and axial vacuum power to hold and secure tissue within the aperture.

Yes, tissue samples are immediately visible to allow for real-time sampling adjustment.

The Mammotome revolve ST is compatible with the most commonly used mammography systems including; GE, Siemens, Hologic, Fuji and others. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

The Mammotome revolve ST probes are available in both 8g and 10g. Both gauges come in 9cm, 12cm and 15cm lengths.

Tru-Core II

The Tru-Core II™ device is for single use only. Please do not attempt to clean or sterilize Tru-Core II™ for additional biopsy procedures.

Mammotome offers the Tru-Core II™ needle in 10cm and 16cm lengths.

The Tru-Core II device is compatible with all Mammotome markers. Additionally, Mammotome is able to provide a significant pricing discount when these two products are purchased together.

The Tru-Core II needle has a 19mm aperture (sample notch).


The XPERT® 40 is fully enclosed and all x-rays remain inside the system. No shielding or protective equipment is required to operate the XPERT® 40 safely.

Clear and readable images of the specimen can be produced immediately in the OR suite. This can save time when compared to sending the surgical specimen to Radiology and waiting for results.

The detector is 5 inches x 6 inches (12cm x 15cm).

Depending upon your location, you may be able to evaluate an XPERT® 40 in your facility. Please reach out to your local Mammotome representative or use the Contact Us form to learn more.

Click the “PACS” button to send acquired images to PACS or click “Import/Export” in the Patient Registration menu to export acquired images to a removable storage device.