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Magnetic Lesion Localization

Wire-free. Radiation-free.

No More Hook Wires

We Remove More Than Cancer

Traditionally breast lumpectomy procedures require placement of a wire on the same day of surgery. Unfortunately, this can lead to surgical delays, reoperation risks, and anxiety for the patient.


Radioactive seed localization addresses many of these issues; however, broad adoption has been impacted by considerable requirements for safe handling of radioactive materials.

Magnetic detection removes these barriers.



Magseed Magnetic Marker

The Magseed marker is a small radiation-free seed that is easily placed by the radiologist in soft tissue with no restrictions on implantation time.*

On the day of surgery, the patient can go directly to the operating room, without delaying the start of the procedure. The surgeon then uses the Sentimag platform to confidently localize the Magseed marker.

*The Magseed marker is cleared for long-term placement in the United States and <30 days in Canada.

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