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Gamma Detection

The trusted gold standard in tissue targeting.

Target. Diagnose. Trust.

Target. Diagnose. Treat.

Intraoperative gamma detection uses gamma particles emitted by radioactive isotopes from within the body to pinpoint tissue during surgery. By targeting specific tissue, treatments and procedures can be minimally invasive, are associated with lower complication rates, and can lead to better patient outcomes.

Neoprobe guides surgeons to the right tissue accurately and reliably.

The sensitivity, clinical flexibility, and ease of use of the Neoprobe GDS have supported this vision of nuclear medicine for almost two decades. Whether used for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in breast or melanoma cases, Radio Seed Localization of cancerous tissue in lumpectomies, or to target hyperactive parathyroid glands during parathyroidectomy, Neoprobe guides surgeons to the right tissue accurately and reliably.

Neoprobe Guides Surgeons


Neoprobe Gamma Detection System

The World-leading Gamma Detection System solution designed to meet your individual needs.

Neoprobe Console

Neoprobe Console

Neoprobe GDS provides instant-on simplicity, no warm-up or calibration is needed. Dynamic and Binary pitch modes allow for customizable clinical applications. Dual isotope mode offers real-time Tc99/I-125 filtering.

Neoprobe Probes


Sterilizeable, Bluetooth probes offer a remote target count button. Exclusive remote functionality keeps control in the hands of the surgeon.

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