Entire Breast Biopsy Portfolio

At Mammotome, we are committed to providing best-in-class technology to help clinicians accurately diagnose breast cancer. Never forgetting that at the heart of each breast cancer diagnosis is the patient.

Our product portfolio covers two integrated main steps in the overall breast cancer treatment pathway: breast biopsy and local surgical treatments.

Mammotome's breast biopsy suite is the best

Magnetic SLNB uses a single tracer that offers the freedom to be injected in the operating room or up to seven days beforehand to improve scheduling and the patient experience.

Mammotome Breast Biopsy Suite

Gamma Detection

Gamma detection targets specific tissue allowing for treatments and procedures to be minimally invasive and are associated with lower complication rates, leading to better patient outcomes.

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The ability of MRI to detect abnormalities or lesions in the breast is unmatched by any other imaging technique. MRI is often seen as the most sensitive technique for detection of some of the smallest lesions or for identifying the earliest stages of breast cancer.

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Stereotactic imaging is a mainstay of the breast cancer care paradigm. Always important for calcified abnormalities in particular, Stereotactic biopsy continues to be an important technique in many practices.

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Ultrasound provides a real-time view of both the lesion and needle, enabling you to make prompt decisions for your patient’s benefit and improve procedural efficiency.

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Benign Lesion Localization

Minimally Invasive Lesion Excision Provide fast, easy and safe solutions to excise breast abnormalities with minimal invasion to the patients. Make scars from open surgery history. Innovative DualVac technology enables

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Magnetic Lesion Localization

Magnetic Lesion Localization Wire free. Radiation free. We Remove More Than Cancer Traditionally breast lumpectomy procedures require placement of a wire on the same day of surgery. Unfortunately, this can

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