Our patient webinars provide valuable information that is important to you and your breast health. Hear from radiologists and breast surgeons as they navigate through current breast care recommendations and answer common questions.

On Demand Webinars

Physician speaking with Patient, preparing for breast cancer surgery

Preparing for Your Breast Cancer Surgery: Wire and Wire-free Localization

Our panel of breast surgeons review the localization technologies available to you today so you can feel better equipped to discuss your surgical options with your doctor.

  • Learn about localization procedures
  • Review a checklist for your surgeon
  • Downloadable resources
Physician speaking with patient, advances in breast cancer surgery

Advances in Breast Cancer Surgery: Tailoring Treatment for You

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. Our panel of breast surgeons walk us through common treatment pathways and share a unique option for those diagnosed with high-risk DCIS.

  • Understand the different types of breast cancer and treatments
  • Learn about a unique surgical option available for some patients
  • Downloadable resources

Your Breast Biopsy: What You Can Expect

Hearing that you need a breast biopsy can be worrisome, but our panel of physicians will take you through the procedure from beginning to end so you feel more prepared. They answer common patient questions including what biopsy results mean for you. 

  • See a video of breast biopsy procedures
  • Downloadable resources

What’s Your Breast Cancer Risk? What to Know About Genetic Breast Cancer

Watch our breast care experts investigate the role genetics and lifestyle may play in your breast cancer risk and our panel of physicians will explain dense breast tissue and what it may mean for you.

  • Common breast cancer myths
  • Downloadable resources

Screening Mammography: What Your Doctor Wants You to Know

Hear radiologists and breast surgeons discuss current breast cancer screening recommendations and answer common questions about screening mammography.

  • See video of mammography procedures
  • Downloadable resources

Second Look Mammograms: What to Expect When You’re Called Back

Being called in for additional imaging after your annual screening mammogram can be unsettling. In this discussion, our panel of radiologists and surgeons help you understand why you may need a second look and what the process looks like for most patients.

  • Walk through a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound
  • Downloadable resources