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Specimen Tomosynthesis System

When the goal is to remove the entire tumor in a single procedure with maximum breast conservation

3D Tomosynthesis

Only the MOZART system uses 3D Tomosynthesis for intraoperative breast specimen imaging.

  • Enables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation.
  • Provides clear images of targeted lesions through obstructions like dense tissue or skin.
  • Creates true 3D images of breast specimens in 1 mm slices in a single operation.

Augmented Intelligence

Do it all without breaking scrub.

  • Microcalcifications and other inclusions are identified within the tomosynthesis slices.
  • The unique K-View Image consists of a compilation of the tomo slices. This information can then be displayed as an overlay on the image itself.
  • Voice commands allow you to highlight and view the slice numbers (location) of the microcalcifications, view and hide the optical image, as well as, play an animation of all the tomo slices.

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Moving Tomosynthesis Forward

The MOZART System with TomoSpec Technology.

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