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Mammotome elite Biopsy Device

Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy

Combining vacuum-assisted biopsy tissue quality with the ease and speed of a spring loaded core needle.

Mammotome elite

Mammotome elite is the leading single-insertion, tetherless vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device available today.

  • 13G and 10G needle options
  • Only tetherless device with TruVac vacuum technology
  • Touch-free tissue retrieval and transportation
  • Removable cannula for accurate tissue marker placement
  • Single insertion bladed tip for improved lesion access and maximized procedure control

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Mammotome elite Biopsy Device
Product Overview

Mammotome elite Biopsy Device
Procedural Video

Mammotoem elite - Smartsmart

designed for

Mammotome elite - Reliablereliable

designed to enable
a reliable diagnosis

Mammotome elite - Efficientefficient

designed with procedural
speed in mind.

What People Are Saying

“Patient satisfaction is improved due to decreased procedure time and single insertion. Radiologist and pathologist satisfaction are improved due to the high quality of diagnostic cores.” – Kimberly Hutcherson, MD

Kimberly Hutcherson, MD, Director, Gwinnett, North Metropolitan
Radiology Associates, LLP/Gwinnett Medical Center
TVID: A48-6C8-585


Acquiring The Best Quality Tissue

Mammotome elite biopsy device is the only single-insertion, tetherless device with TruVac vacuum technology.Combining vacuum-assisted breast biopsy tissue quality with the ease and speed of a core needle, Mammotome elite is raising the bar in breast biopsy.

Mammotome elite Hover

Creates an Efficient Procedure

Single insertion, non-firing bladed tip moves easily through tissue, minimizing time required between tissue samples while allowing clinicians to maintain control of the needle.

Delivers a Reliable Diagnosis

Integrated TruVac vacuum technology captures and transports large unfragmented tissue samples from the biopsy site to the collection cup, enabling a reliable diagnosis.

Designed for Ease of Use

The intuitive collection system offers a quick release basket design that expedites tissue removal while providing touchless transfer of tissue to pathology, simplifying the biopsy procedure.

Smart and Ergonomic

Compact holster design with three preferred hand position choices that offers flexibility during biopsy.

Mammotome elite - Ease of Use

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