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Mammotome MammoTest Table

Stereotactic Biopsy Table

A fully digital prone biopsy table offering improved image quality, plus enhanced
software and upgrade options for existing MammoTest tables.

MammoTest Table


The Mammotome MammoTest table brings optimized lesion access through angled targeting via polar coordinates and all-angles 360 degree access.


Optimized and minimized number of procedural steps make the procedure intuitive, efficient and patient friendly. A wide range of gantry movement avoids patient repositioning.


The whole procedure is kept out of your patient’s view, while allowing for easy eye contact and conversation. Ergonomic features reduce shoulder and back stress. All this minimizes the patient’s discomfort.

Software & Hardware Upgrade

We offer several upgrade options including software, hardware and disposables for your specific needs.

  • Enhanced Software
  • Autoguide Upgrade
  • Camera Upgrade
  • Table Pad Upgrade

Service Contracts

Experience the difference and protect your investment from any unforeseen situation.

  • Expert Level Technicians
  • 30-Minute Response Time
  • 24-Hour On-site Guarantee
  • Local Expertise and Much More!


Accurate. Easy. Comfortable.

Mammotome MammoTest Table for a precise and efficient diagnosis.

Enhanced Imaging

Produces Enhanced Imaging for Clearer Results

The advanced, multi-scale imaging produces superior quality images for clearer, high-detailed visualization of micro-calcifications, subtle masses and architectural distortions. The software offers the highest resolution and contrast to allow physicians to view difficult cases with ease while providing full operator’s control to help streamline the procedure.

Delivers Utmost Patient Comfort

The seamless one-piece patient comfort pad offers two unique layers of foam, providing maximum support and memory foam comfort for your patients. The pad extends over the ergonomic floating table top with an anatomically contoured design to reduce head, neck and shoulder strain. The smooth, full-body support minimizes discomfort.

Patient Comfort

Maximises Targeting

Maximizes Targeting Ease and Efficiency

The MammoTest table allows clinicians to target the lesion directly and safely by approaching at the optimal angle. The unique polar coordinate approach allows for greater access with unobstructed views of all breast areas including lesions very close to the chest wall not reachable with other systems. Combined with the color AutoGuide targeting and guidance system, clinicians experience unparalleled targeting ease and efficiency to minimize procedure time.

Avoid Patient Repositioning with 360° Access

The rotating gantry, exclusive lateral arm and rotational tube movement of the MammoTest table permit easy 360-degree needle access to the entire breast, including thinly compressed breasts and lesions in the lower quadrants (6:00 position). This special table design avoids difficult patient positioning and makes the whole procedure even more comfortable and efficient.

MammoTest 360 Access

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