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We are committed to providing best-in-class technology to help clinicians accurately
diagnose breast disease, such as breast cancer, through minimally invasive procedures.

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop with a Post-Biopsy Breast Clinic

Dr. Hutcherson explains the rationale for developing a post-biopsy clinic, the patient and physician centered goals, the infrastructure to provide smooth coordination of care of breast patients, and how to measure success for the patients, healthcare team and breast clinic.

* Accredited Continuing Education Program (CME)

Ultrasound Guided VABB

Ultrasound Guided Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy: Case Selection and Approach

Dr. Levesque is an innovator in the areas of breast imaging and interventional procedures. The focus of this session is on ultrasound vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (VABB). Information on lesion selection, techniques for sampling, and challenging cases will be presented.

* Accredited Continuing Education Program (CME)

Our Mission & Vision

Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives

Enabling clinicians to efficiently provide patients a highly confident diagnosis within 24-hours from biopsy

We will achieve this goal through our commitment to innovation, quality and education.

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