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Mammotome MR Biopsy Device

The Proven MR Biopsy Choice

Providing a legacy of confidence and trust to help capture the full diagnostic value of MRI.

Mammotome MR Breast Biopsy System

Mammotome MR is the biopsy system of choice for those high risk patients requiring the sensitive and specific power of MRI for diagnosis. Highly accurate and thoroughly market tested, Mammotome MR biopsy device provides high quality tissue samples and exceptional lesion access.

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Safe and Accurate Targeting

Mammotome MR biopsy device provides an imageable aperture to help ensure accurate positioning for tissue sampling for what can be a difficult positioning exercise with MRI.

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Exceptional Access

Combined with the choice of two needle gauges (8 and 11)and needle lengths (115 and 145 mm), Mammotome MR biopsy device uses a unique, overlapping insertion design to enable access to almost any lesion, regardless of its position within the breast.

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Increased Confidence

The Mammotome MR biopsy device can be operated free hand or configured in a very positionally stable pillar and post configuration.

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Excellent Tissue Quality

Mammotome MR biopsy device provides the same level of tissue quality that vacuum-assisted biopsy devices have always been known for, even when operating in the highly challenging MRI Biopsy Suite environment.

See How It Works

MRI Guided Breast Biopsy Procedure

Mammotome MR Pillar Post Procedure

Breast MRI Overview for Surgeons

Experience the Difference

Millions of women have experienced the benefits of vacuum-assisted biopsy including lower underestimation rates, less pain and better cosmesis.

Mammotome Breast Biopsy System
MDM# 12-0016

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