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Breast Biopsy Markers


HydroMARK’s exclusive hydrogel technology provides clinicians with unmatched long-term ultrasound visibility.

Provides Exceptional Visibility

Provides Exceptional Visibility

HydroMARK marker hydrates to provide unmatched long-term visibility. It is Ultrasound visible even after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy.

Allows Easier Localization

Allows Easier Localization

Consistently place any localization device under Ultrasound (i.e. hook wire or RSL seed).

Creates a Better Patient Experience

Creates a Better Patient Experience

Localization under Ultrasound provides a faster, more comfortable procedure for the patient.

Conspicuity under MRI

Conspicuity under MRI

HydroMARK marker is uniquely distinguishable during a T2 sequence.

Three Distinct Shapes for Visibility

HydroMARK marker offers three distinct shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites.

HydroMARK Open Coil

Open Coil

HydroMARK Butterfly


HydroMARK Barrel


See How It Works

HydroMARK marker is the only biodegradable hydrogel polymer containing a central permanent metal marker that accurately marks a breast biopsy site.

What People Are Saying

“We use HydroMARK exclusively for all of our biopsies. We have had such a great experience with HydroMARK that we need no other clip.” – Robin B. Shermis, MD, MPH, FACR

Robin B. Shermis, MD, MPH, FACR, Medical Director
ProMedica Breast Care on the campus of The Toledo Hospital

Breast Biopsy Markers

MammoMARK and CorMARK


The rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker within the biopsy cavity reducing the likelihood of movement.



The all-natural tissue marker provides an essential, non-metal marking option.



All-natural design within a small size enables the accurate placement you desire.

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