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Learn how the Sentimag platform can help improve patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Sentimag® platform provides important benefits for both hospitals and patients.

  • Patients spend less time in the hospital on the day of surgery1
  • Lesion localization can be performed without using a guidewire2
    • As many as 20% of women having surgery with a guidewire will need to have a re-excision3
    • The re-excision rate for the Magseed® marker is only 11%3
  • The Sentimag® system can be used to practice new procedures that prevent further time in the hospital for patients, including:
    • Targeted Axillary Dissection (TAD)
    • Delayed Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (dSLNB)



1. Hersi Abdi-Fatah, et al. A combined, totally magnetic technique with a magnetic marker for non-palpable tumor localization and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for sentinel lymph node detection in breast cancer surgery. European Journal of Surgical Oncology. April 01, 2019. 45:4,P544-549. DOI:

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3. Miller M, et al. Hospital system rollout and initial experience with stainless steel magnetized seeds for breast and lymph node localization. Poster 581631. Presented at ASBrS 2019.


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