Get started on the right path

At Mammotome, we believe the co-op experience is one of the most valuable first steps in your engineering career. This is your chance to see first-hand how professionals put scientific and engineering fundamentals to work solving highly complex challenges.

Apply Your Skills

You’ve worked hard to develop your skills in the classroom. Now put that knowledge into practice for a team where you will truly contribute to our success from your first day on the job.

Work With Professionals

A co-op experience in our fast-paced, high-performance organization puts you to work alongside our most experienced team members.

Projects That Matter

At Mammotome, you will work directly on projects that are critical to the company’s long-term success and that make a difference to the lives of patients around the world.

See what our employees have to say about working for Mammotome

Hannah Ogden

Mammotome is my fourth co-op term, but the first term to show me what it’s actually like to be a full-time engineer. My first week here I was handed projects and given the freedom and responsibility to complete them. Mammotome really steps up and encourages a culture of learning for the co-ops and requires us to apply what we’ve learned in our classes. I’m lucky to have gotten the opportunity to learn and grow here before graduating.

Hannah Ogden The University of Toledo
Jordan Rebellino

I have completed two co-op rotations with Mammotome and really enjoy the benefits of working for a small company. As a co-op at Mammotome, you feel like your work is more meaningful; you actually feel like you are an important part of the team. I was given responsibility from the start, and have had the experience of working with very friendly people who are always glad to help or answer questions. I have had the opportunity to work with all disciplines throughout the company, and have been exposed to a broad range of projects and tasks that are not always offered or are hard to obtain at larger companies. Also, the Engineering team is willing to tailor assignments and work to provide you with exposure to whatever it is you would like to learn more about or improve upon.

Jordan Rebellino University of Cincinnati
Jordan Smith

Mammotome provides a unique co-op experience for college students. Often times at larger companies co-ops are given the grunt work while at Mammotome co-ops have the opportunity to work alongside engineers and managers that have degrees in their field of study. Mammotome is small enough that co-ops have the opportunity to work on important and meaningful projects, but also large enough to be one of the leading companies in the breast biopsy industry. The full-time employees encourage the development of your professional skills, and are happy to assist if you come across a task that is unfamiliar to you. Mammotome is a great place to work if you want to develop your professional skill set and get real experience working with people who have degrees in your field.

Jordan Smith The Ohio State University
Kevin Talbot

My co-op with Mammotome is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I got paired with an engineer and worked closely with him all summer, coming up with new designs and testing in the lab. It’s a small company too, so I really feel like I’m not just another co-op. I’m Kevin, the engineers and managers know me, and I’ve made a difference here. I learned a lot about the design process here, too, and I have gained valuable experience working with medical devices.

Kevin Talbot Case Western Reserve University
Justin Rebellino

My co-op at Mammotome has been an amazing experience and has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I have had the opportunity to work on some really exciting projects that have ranged from the early design phase to post-market release of innovative breast biopsy devices, so I was able to get a glimpse into the life-cycle of a medical device and see first-hand the inputs needed to create a successful device/technology. As a co-op with Mammotome, your opinion is valued and you are given the opportunity to be an integral part of the team; with the main goal of developing exciting technologies and devices to help treat and care for breast disease. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that the work you are doing on a daily basis is helping to better the lives of those around you, and at the same time, knowing that the company you work for is committed to doing just that.

Justin Rebellino University of Cincinnati