benefits & features

Delivers Exceptional Accuracy

Neoprobe’s bluetooth probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localization of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures.

Provides Effortless Operation

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System is one of the easiest-to-use devices on the market, leaving the surgeon free to focus on the patient and procedure. Neoprobe provides quick, easy startup with no calibration, no preventative maintenance, and one-touch remote count functionality from within the sterile field.

Designed for Surgical Applications

The Neoprobe console is designed to allow surgeons to tailor the device to the specific clinical needs at hand: Binary Pitch mode filters background radiation to focus solely on targeted areas, Dual Isotope mode simultaneously, yet independently, detects and tracks I125 and Tc99, and six radioisotope window settings plus a customizable open option are available to meet a wide range of needs.

Offering the Most Complete System

The Neoprobe GDS is the only system providing Operating Rooms with a total, comprehensive gamma detection suite. From Neoprobe-exclusive console and probe features to rapid and convenient service and full-time customer support, no other device delivers the combined value of the Neoprobe GDS.

Physician, Technologist and Patient Benefits

"The Neoprobe GDS is used by 8 of the top 10 Cancer Centers in the U.S.* *Source: US News & World Report's Top Ranked Hospitals in Cancer, 2014-15