Mammotome’s complete stereotactic suite of solutions save clinicians valuable time while improving patient care. Together, Mammotome MammoTest, Mammotome revolve and Mammotome CoreVision provide an integrated approach to redefining procedural efficiency without compromising tissue quality – from positioning to diagnosis.

benefits & features

Mammotome revolve and Mammotome CoreVision

Improve Workflow and Efficiency

Together, Mammotome revolve and Mammotome CoreVision provide complete “fire to formalin” with calcification confirmation in under two minutes. Trust the proven combination to provide greater procedural efficiency.

Stereo Solutions

Optimize Patient Care

MammoTest’s enhanced comfort package and all-angles 360-degree needle access minimizes patient repositioning. Mammotome revolve’s touchless tissue biopsy system preserves tissue integrity and eliminates tissue handling, minimizing the time your patient is under compression. Mammotome CoreVision’s point-of-care specimen radiograph allows you to rapidly confirm micro-calcifications while staying with your patient from start to finish. Together, Mammotome’s stereo suite can help you redefine the standard of care for your patients.